Starfield: Can You Land Anywhere?

One of the things many people are excited about in Starfield is the mix of space combat and planetary exploration. That said, some people hoping for a marriage between the two are likely to be disappointed. You cannot manually land your ship on a planet, but you are able to land at any point on the planet other than ocean. Learn more about your landing options with our Starfield Can You Land Anywhere Guide.

You Can Land (Almost) Anywhere on a Planet in Starfield

Starfield can you land anywhere

You have the option to land anywhere on a planet in Starfield – with one important exception. What’s more, you cannot land on oceans under any circumstances. Other than that, you are free to put it down where you want!

Of course, that does not mean every planet is mapped out and waiting for you. If you land outside of major cities or landmarks, the area around your landing zone is procedurally generated. it might as well be anywhere on the planet, too. This is because if you land outside of a city, there is no way to connect to it no matter how close you are. You can land just outside of New Atlantis, but you won’t see it on the horizon.

Can You Manually Land in Starfield?

Unfortunately, there is no manual override when it comes to landing your ship in Starfield. No matter which planet you are headed to, landing always involves the push of a button and a convenient loading screen to get you on a planet. In fact, you also cannot fly in the atmosphere in Starfield at all. When it comes to operating your ship, you are limited to the vastness of space!

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