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Battle for the Bosporus was released pretty recently; October 15th, 2020. Within it, the world of Hearts of Iron IV got a little bit more realistic. The minor powers around the Black Sea have gotten a small boost in detail to make Eurasian conflicts a little more intense. Turkey seems to have gotten the most attention from the update, though Greece and Bulgaria were also significantly touched up. As such, if you’re looking for a little extra content in your planetary war simulator, the HOI4 Turkey guide will touch on that, and everything new.

HOI4 Turkey Guide

The Battle of Bosporus is a pretty standard country pack, giving a few countries and models for specific armies. Add on some extra grease for the wildfire! However, Bulgaria and Turkey have huge problems in their new focus trees that make the campaign much harder for already dangerous and volatile nations. If you’re looking for some extra trouble and difficulty, then you’ve come to the right place!

DLC Features Overview

This DLC gives three focus trees and some cosmetic stuff, along with some patches for focus trees in other countries.

  • National Focus Tree Bulgaria: The Bulgarian Focus tree will either ally itself with Germany or resist German oppression.
  • National Focus Tree Greece: Build a relationship with the Allies, follow arch-conservatives into fascism, or work to restore the Greek Empire. What else would represent the absolutely dreadful political division that Greece suffered at this time?
  • National Focus Tree Turkey: Time to restore an empire! Consider the reforms of Kemalism, become the protector of the Balkans, restore your Sultan to the throne, or found a new Islamic state. A ton of stuff to do, but a ton of adversity to overcome!
  • Cosmetics: New music tracks, models for armies, and voiceovers for the three countries who received a Focus Tree. As expected!

Turkey Walkthrough

Turkey’s national focus tree is all about restoring itself to its former glory. Without the DLC, you’re stuck using the generic focus tree which… is arguably better. Turkey’s specific focus tree adds in so many debuffs to Turkey that you need to work around; a more realistic experience, but by far a less tactical one!

Even so, this is a fantastic tree with a lot of warmongering potential. The branch tree is hardcore into this playstyle. You’ll start with Learning from the Great War, which gives a slight debuff. Then, over time, you’ll start getting a crapton of buffs while fighting on Turkish soil. Then, you’ll also start learning Hava Okulu, which is the start of getting legitimate plane designs. This focus tree culminates in Türk Silahli Kuvvetleri, a fantastic advisor for any war-focused country. If you want Turkey to be a problem for even the strongest of countries… This tree isn’t that much worse than the generic focus tree! Definitely a harder early game, though. Take to the skies ASAP!

The leftmost tree handles more standard stabilization and economy… But mostly serves to overcome the debuffs that it puts on itself. It’s primarily an economic tree, such as establishing a national bank and creating tank factories for other countries. However, it naturally grabs some extra warfare abilities (such as Strengthening Our Navies) while you’re working your way down. Get some peace perks though; the Montreux convention does some pretty bad stuff to your base stability! 

If you’re looking for more stability and economic growth, head down the left tree. This ends in Refining our Strategies, and does a lot to make Turkey into a more unified force, under the Sultan.

Turanist Ambition (and the following skills) have a ton of ways to work into it! We tended to work towards joining the allies, but carving up Greece and Bulgaria works a bit better with warmonger strategies. The Axis join does basically nothing but turn you into a warmonger, with little to help with your stability, which can be pretty rough. You can build stability in other ways!

The right side of the tree has a decent mix of industrial plans and building up an army. If it seems that you’re going to get targeted in the midgame, try to transition towards “Continue to Prioritize Balkan Integrity” since it’ll get you the money you need to support a party without relying on alliances.

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And that’s it for our HOI4 Turkey Guide! Admittedly, I’m pretty awful at Hearts of Iron IV, and thus don’t have the best strategies. What are your favorite ways to build these new national trees? Put them in the comments! (Seriously, I need help.)

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