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FFXIV Here Be Dragons

Honestly, the fact that there hasn’t been a quest by this name, especially in Heavensward, is kind of impressive. Patch 5.5 has just been released, and that means Final Fantasy XIV has some new endgame content to explore. “Here Be Dragons” is yet another quest to complete on your way to keep up-to-date. It is a required story quest, so you’ll always have this old, cliché phrase in your journal! That’s not a big deal. If you are looking for where this quest is, or have lost your way part-ways through, then don’t fear; our guide to FFXIV Here Be Dragons should help out!

Here Be Dragons FFXIV

Here Be Dragons is the quest after Unto the Breach, the first of the patch 5.5 quests. As such, you must be caught up to the endgame of the Shadowbringers expansion to gain access to the quest, and then complete Unto the Breach first. Check the upper left corner of your screen (while outside of a dungeon) to see what Main Scenario Quest you are currently undertaking.

Here Be Dragons is a conversation-focused quest. The Warrior of Light is a great messenger, so you’re asked to run around and make sure people understand what’s going on. 

Spoiler Alert!

In this instance, you and Alphinaud are searching for any sign of Alphinaud by any of the people who might know his whereabouts. Thankfully, you are quite easily able to enlist the help of the Dragoon by the end of the quest, much to G’raha Tia’s joy. Seems that the fanboy of the world of Eorzea is quite happy to meet the man who “killed” Niddhog… And then resurrected him.

Now that we have Estinien on our side, we can start working on killing that damn Lunar Bahamut! This quest unlocks “Righteous Indignation”, which is a much longer and slightly, slightly more interesting quest. We’re not quite at Paglth’an yet, though! We’ve got a ways to go.

Once you get there, our guide to Paglth’an might be helpful for getting you through safely!

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