Starfield: Can You Decorate Your Ship?

Customization is a vital part of Starfield, and it is what has driven so much interest in the game. You can customize your ship to a great degree when it comes to adding certain modules or respeccing. But can you decorate the interior? See our Starfield Can You Decorate Your Ship Guide for more.

You Can Decorate Your Ship in Starfield, Kinda

Starfield can you decorate your ship

When it comes to decorating your ship, you do have some options. Unfortunately, the level of customization for the layout and specs of your ship does not carry over to decorating the interior. That said, you do get to choose between habitats that impact what the inside of your ship looks like.

Choosing your habitat generates specific sections of your ship. They essentially work as a template, giving you control over the broad strokes but limiting you when it comes to placing a bed here or a table there. It’s a disappointing turn of events for those who revel in customization.

Will this change in the future? for me, this is a must-add if it ever comes as DLC content. For now, you’ll have to be content picking Habitats that fit with the look you are going for.

Decorate With Your Weapons

The most aesthetic customization you’re going to find is by purchasing an armory and installing it in your ship. Sure, this won’t let you put up pictures of your dog or lay down a new layer of carpet. But an armory does allow you to display some of the most important objects you own: your weapons. You can make the most out of the limited decoration options available by showing off with a tricked out armory in your ship.

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