FFXIV Training Dummy Guide | What is the Training Dummy in FFXIV?

FFXIV Training Dummy

Final Fantasy XIV is an extremely tactical game, especially when you are doing raids, high-level dungeons, and quests. Your gear is vitally essential to cause damage and, of course, survivability, but so is the combination of abilities and moves that you use. One way to sharpen these skills is with the FFXIV Training Dummy.

FFXIV Training Dummy Guide

These moves need to be pressed/used in a specific order to cause the most damage (depending on your class), and this is called Rotation. There are different rotations that you can do, so it’s based on personal preference or as I said the class that you want to main.

To get to grips which the best abilities, etc. to be used in combat, they are training/striking dummies all over the world of FFXIV where players can practice. However, it’s imperative you use the right training dummy for your level or as close as can be.

Using one higher will cause less damage and tend to miss a lot more, which is not an accurate representation of hitting mobs at your level. And of course, using one a lot of levels below you, the same applies, but in reverse, you’ll be doing too much damage, therefore also not an accurate reading.

As you strike these dummies with your rotations, you can see the damage inflicted in the combat log. By using this log, you can get a crystal clear idea of how much damage you are doing, what effects are affecting the dummy, and all sorts of real-time data, which is all completely relevant.

List of FFXIV Training Dummy Locations

Here are all the training dummies across the Overworld of FFXIV:

Lvl 1 Dummies:

  • Central Shroud – The Bannock
  • Middle La Noscea – Summerford Far
  • Western Thanalan – Scorpion Crossing23.7)
  • Coerthas Central Highlands – Whitebrim Front

Lvl 50 Dummies:

  • Coerthas Central Highlands – Whitebrim Front
  • Coerthas Western Highlands – Falcon’s Nest)
  • The Dravanian Forelands – Tailfeather
  • The Dravanian Hinterlands – The Collector’s Quarter16.7)

Lvl 60 Dummies:

  • The Fringes – Castrum Oriens
  • Yanxia – Namai
  • The Azim Steppe – Reunion

Lvl 70 Dummies:

  • The Lochs – Porta Praetoria

There is a unique training dummy location at the Stone, Sky, Sea, where the dummies can be selected to have the same health as the Heavensward raids. You have three minutes to damage one dummy that has a health proportional to the raid that you have selected. This is a brilliant place to test, not only if you have the right equipment, but if you’re using a proper rotation.

And of course, striking real characters is different altogether and will require different rotations, so they are PvP dummies you can practice on. The main dummy is located at Wolves’ Den.

However, across the Overworld is not the only location of these training/striking dummies. If you own a house, with a yard, and it must have a yard. They cannot be used in an apartment or a private Free Company room. You can purchase certain levels of training dummies to practice on, as up to three dummies can be placed in your yard regardless of estate size. All dummies are available to purchase from the Market Board under “Outdoor Furnishings.”

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