Just Cause 4 Operation Whiteout Walkthrough

Just Cause 4 Operation Whiteout

Just jumping into Just Cause 4? You’re not alone! Operation Whiteout is the first storyline mission, and it gives you ample opportunity to test out some of the gameplay basics. Along the way, you’ll pick up some useful information about the superweapon that brought you to South America. Keep reading our Just Cause 4 Operation Whiteout Walkthrough to get all the answers!

He was a kind man, my father. A scientist. It doesn’t make sense he would build such a thing. 

Just Cause 4 Operation Whiteout Walkthrough

Operation Whiteout opens on the side of a mountain and across a valley in Qachas from your target, Project Illapa. You will have helpful waypoints to follow to reach Illapa. Follow the first waypoints down a road and you will come to a large barrier blocking your path. Time to try out your grappling hook!

Just Cause 4 Operation Whiteout

Once on top of the blockade, you will see that you are on the edge of a cliff overlooking Illapa. Take a leap of faith and activate your parachute; Mira will guide you down. Your landing zone will be highlighted. You will put down on a helicopter pad which will have immediate resistance. Once you clear the hostiles, follow your waypoints into the cave. Travel through the cave and out the other side. Your waypoints will take you directly to Illapa.

Just Cause 4 Operation Whiteout


As you arrive at Illapa, you will hear an announcement over the loudspeakers alerting them to your presence. As you come in for a landing, a second announcement orders all Illapa workers inside as they are about to test the weather-altering powers of this superweapon. Mira points you to a console outside of Illapa; land at the console and hold the position long enough for Mira to hack it.

Just Cause 4 Operation Whiteout

You will need to stay within range of the console to complete the hack. At the top center of your screen will be a progress bar; one the entire bar goes white the hack is completed. Hostiles will come from every direction, so focus on clearing them out and staying alive. Once the hack is complete, you will learn your target Espinosa is at the top of the tower. Completing this fight will take you to a cut scene that wraps up your fight at Illapa. The weather from the superweapon is too much, which sends you spiraling into the darkness below.

El Abismo

You wake up somewhere in Hanasacha. Most of your gear is busted, but thankfully your comms are working. Mira contacts you and lets you know she is nearby in a hovel known as El Abismo. Follow the prompts to get to the city. As you near Mira’s location, you’ll notice Black Hand helicopters circling above. You’ll only have a few moments to speak with Mira before the Black Hand returns, in force.

Just Cause 4 Operation Whiteout

Gabriella is here with her thugs, and things get hairy until you chase her off during a cutscene. Once the Black Hand is chased away, you will need to head to Casquillos Vacios. You will need to get it up and running to complete the mission.

Casquillos Vacios

Use your wingsuit and follow your prompts to get to Casquillos Vacios; it isn’t far. When you arrive, Mira will tell to get the generators up and running. You can find the generator buildings with your AR Scan. While the entire place is without power, the doors to the generator building is still locked. You’ll need to find your way inside before Black Hand shows up. You will need to get inside the three generator rooms and destroy the generators to continue.

Just Cause 4 Operation Whiteout

Each generator building is identical. While the buildings are locked, there are fuel barrels near each of them. Use your grappling hook to pull the fuel barrel into the door and the explosion will clear your path. Once inside, use your grappling hook to pull the protective shield off the generator and destroy it. Once all three generators are destroyed, helicopters will show up. Fight them off and enter the electrical room.

Once inside the electrical room, there are two breakers you will need to destroy using your grappling hook. Once that is done, head to the center of the room and activate the override. This will secure the facility and complete Operation Whiteout.

Nerds and Scoundrels

And that is how you complete the Fallout 4 Operation Whiteout mission. Thoughts? Questions? Let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to check out the rest of our Just Cause 4 content here at Nerds and Scoundrels. If you want to see this mission in action, check out this walkthrough below.

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