Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – How to Beat Folding Screen Monkeys

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Folding Screen Monkeys

One of the most unique boss fights in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is the battle with the Folding Screen Monkeys. But you can’t just take on these bad apes any time you want. There are a few hoops to jump through before you can take this fight, but not to worry! Nerds and Scoundrels has all the info you need for finding these monkeys and beating them down. Keep reading for our Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Folding Screen Monkeys Guide!

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Folding Screen Monkeys Guide

Before you can jump into this fight, you’ll first need to defeat Genichiro and then speak with Isshin. There are a few steps to speaking with Isshin, but it’s not hard. When you dialogue with Kuro after the Genichiro fight, he will direct you to Isshin who is in the nearby watchtower. However, when you get there you will only find a note.

Once you grab the note, find Emma as she will tell you where he is. Head to Gyouba, then go upstairs from the arena. When you’ve done that, enter the watchtower and speak with Tengu. Tengu will ask you to kill some rats before he will help you. You will find these rats by leaving the arena and exiting the gates. There will be a hill on your right with three rats on it. Kill them, then return to Tengu. After this, return to Emma, who will tell you Isshin is back in the original watchtower. What a hassle!

To get to the monkey fight, you will need to travel to the Senpou Temple. The easiest way to reach it is by fast traveling to the Main Hall checkpoint. When you arrive, ring the bell on the table. This will transport you to a new area. Head north and speak to an NPC if you want some hints about killing the monkeys, but this guide has all the info you need.

The Fight

There are four monkeys in total, and each will react differently when you encounter them. That means it is important in which order you try to kill them. The four monkeys are:

  • Orange Monkey – He will alert the other monkeys to your presence
  • Purple Monkey – He will run if he sees you
  • Green Monkey – He will run if he hears you
  • Final Monkey – Kill him to get the achievement

Orange Monkey

It is best to start with the Orange monkey, as he can alert the other monkeys if he notices you. Grapple to the top of the roof and crouch, as you’ll want to wait for him. He hops across rooftops, so wait for him to get close instead of chasing him. The more you grapple around on the roof, the more likely you are to be noticed. The monkeys all leave footprints, which will make keeping track of them easier. Work your way behind the Orange Monkey and give him a deathblow before moving on.

Purple Monkey

The purple monkey has excellent vision, so the easiest way to defeat him is to make use of a nearby temple that you can turn pitch dark. Chase the purple monkey into the temple and open the doors; this will extinguish the candles and make it easier to kill. Keep in mind, this monkey can be killed in a normal fashion if you are careful. The temple gimmick makes things easier, though.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Folding Screen Monkeys

To beat him, grapple onto the rafters of the temple and wait for the monkey. Deathblow him from above, then execute him to finish him off. Next, the Green Monkey.

Green Monkey

Back in the arena, you will see a room with a waterfall. When you find the room, chase the green monkey to the center of the arena so that he will jump into a tree. Leap towards the monkey, which will chase him out of the tree. From here, try to pressure the monkey into the waterfall room. Don’t chase him, but approach him from the left in a way that makes him angle towards the waterfall room. Eventually, he will jump into the waterfall. Grapple to the roof and execute him with death from above.

The Final Monkey

What’s that? You don’t see a final monkey? That’s because it’s invisible. That’s right, we’re dealing with invisible monkeys today. Luckily, it’s fairly easy to find them. You can reveal the monkey by throwing fireworks until you illuminate him. Then, just kill the monkey to finish off the Folding Screen Monkeys boss fight.

Getting the Folding Screen Monkeys Achievement

Folding Screen Monkeys Achievement

Like with most boss fights in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, there is an achievement tied to the boss fight with the folding screen monkeys. To get the Folding Screen Monkeys achievement, simply kill all four of the monkeys. Once the final monkey is dead, you will obtain this achievement.

Nerds and Scoundrels

And that concludes our Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Folding Screen Monkeys Guide. Do you have any other tips for us? Let us know in the comment section below. and if you’d like to see this boss fight visually, check out the video below!

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