FFXIV Paglth’an Dungeon Guide | How to Find and Complete It

FFXIV Paglth'an

The newest dungeon of Final Fantasy XIV, the Tower of Paglth’an, has just been added to the game! A continuation of the Tiamat and Tempering storyline, this is the highest-level story dungeon that you can get to. It’s available to those who have completed the main storyline up to this point (check the top-left of your screen for the Main Scenario Quest that you’re on!). So, once you walk in, we’ll help you get through Paglth’an FFXIV unscathed. Well… Maybe a little scathed.

Paglth’an FFXIV

Paglth’an requires item level 490 to commence. This may require you to farm Matoya’s Relict, or purchase Exarchic gear from the marketboard. Exarchic gear will likely keep you up-to-date until the endgame of Shadowbringers and the start of the new patch.


Paglth’an continues the Shadowbringer’s tradition of limiting tanks to two pulls. However, during the first pull, the tank should try to bring the enemies to the pile of debris in the back. The debris can be destroyed, allowing the party to advance earlier than expected.

Otherwise, the pulls continue as normal. The large bodies of the Dragons may obscure the grounded AoE targets if the tank pulls two groups at once. Try to be careful if you’re the tank! Also, watch for blue AoE indicators on the ground – Tiamat sometimes assists you in combat, and her attacks can make pulls trivially short.


During the Coeurl fight, there’s only one significant mechanic; Lightning Rod. In order to avoid this attack, you need to touch one of the lamps on the outsides of the arena. That will transfer the status to the lamps, in which you can run away from them to avoid the AoE. Getting hit by this will make it a lot harder to survive the arena-wide Area of Effects.

Otherwise, avoid the blue orbs that pulse electricity. These apply Vulnerability, and are a pain in the rear. Just make sure you’re not close and you’ll be fine.

Magitek Fortress

This fight is essentially waiting for your allies to let you hurt the boss. Watch the fortress; two of the three holes in the wall will glow blue. Stand in the one that isn’t glowing blue to avoid vulnerability.

When your allies attack the Magitek Core, then you can attack by going to the center of the arena, where a bounce pad is waiting for you. Jump up and DPS the Core. You may want to save some of your bursting attacks for this point to avoid needing to do 3 waves.

After your first burst of DPS, you will also need to avoid the missiles. These move slowly across the arena, and are bright orange. Avoid these at the same time as you avoid the lasers and you’ll be all set.

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Lunar Bahamut

Lunar Bahamut’s main mechanic is purple nails which explode in the order that they land. This attack is not too scary; it arrives when he casts Twisted Scream. Simply avoid the AoEs, but keep in mind the order that these spikes landed.

Make sure you stay stacked until all four hits of Akh Morn land; otherwise, the target might be in a bit of trouble.

During Megaflare Dive, head towards some of the newer spikes on the side of the arena. Then, you can either move inside once Lunar Bahamut dives through, or move towards the older explosions; whatever you prefer. You may want to pop Sprint here to guarantee that you don’t get hit by a Vuln up.


And that’s all for Paglth’an! Hopefully this guide helped you dodge some Vuln increases. This is a pretty unique dungeon, even if it has some Shadowbringers themes!

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