Does Man of Medan have Multiplayer?

man of medan multiplayer guide

Man of Medan is the first of five horror games to be released under The Dark Pictures anthology.
Five friends set sail on a holiday diving trip that none of them will forget… Or even survive. The group
of five gets caught in a ghost ship, and it is up to you to help them make the right decisions. With sixty-nine deaths programmed into the game, it will be rare to experience the same story twice in any of the Man of Medan’s game modes – Single Player Story, Online Shared Story, and Five Player Movie Night. Once you get past the awesome intro song, you have a lot of options to play with pals!

Man of Medan Multiplayer Guide

Single Player Story has one person controlling all five characters at different intervals of the story.
No matter what decision you make at the moment, the story never goes back in time. It will always
move forward. The same storytelling method will be implemented in both of the multi-player modes as
well. The game will never go back in time because the writers want to keep building the suspense of
the story.

In Online Shared Story, two players will control a different character from the comforts of their own
location. Both players will see everything that is going on in the scene, even if their character is not
physically there. The decisions one player makes will affect one or both players, depending on how the
storyline plays out.

In Five Player Movie Night, up to five players will control one character in the same room, with the
same controller. The game will tell you when to pass the controller, and to whom it should be passed to.
Just like the other two modes, whatever decision is made will affect any number of players in the game.
The Dark Picture series is trying to replicate the feeling you get when you are watching a horror
movie with a bunch of friends. Everything that they are presenting in Man of Medan appears to be a
step in the right direction. The major difference between this game and a horror movie is the fact that a
real person is controlling the decisions. Now you can answer the question “what would you do if you
are put into a horror movie?”

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That’s the scoop on Man of Medan Multiplayer modes. Any questions? We want to hear from you!

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