Path of Exile Righteous Fire Build | What is it, Is it Good?

path of exile righteous Fire Build

Path of Exile is one of the craziest action RPG games in terms of skill progression. Almost any damage-based skill can be viable in the right hands. Righteous Fire may have gotten nerfed a few times, and is no longer considered a top-tier build. But it’s a potent option that you should really consider if you want to focus on mechanics and figure out the game. It’s consistent, it’s not weak by any means, and you don’t need to focus on numbers or rotations. So, find out some basics of the Path of Exile Righteous Fire Build in this guide.

Path of Exile Righteous Fire Build

To begin, you’ll want to start as a Life Inquisitor. This is a good, high-damage build that can help you level quickly. They’re rather fast and have great gear for leveling, but they tend to be much squishier than the Guardian build. That makes Guardian builds better for later content, since they’re so much tankier, and can use Scorching Ray to melt bosses really fast. Therefore, you’ll go Life Inquisitor for clearspeed and trash destruction, or Guardian for single-target damage and not worrying about taking hits.

General Build Paths

For Righteous Fire, your damage is going to be strange. You don’t have immense synergy options. You’ll want to prioritize Fire Damage over Time and Damage Over time first. Then, fire/burning/elemental damage increases. Finally, area damage and damage over time will help you out.

If you can, try and get 6 Burning Bright notables with good clusters. You’re going to want to look for Flow of Life and Brush with Death; these both help your survivability and deal massive bonuses for Damage Over Time. Prismatic Heart and Widespread Destruction will each help you too! Manage your budget the best you can, since these cluster jewels will eventually be critical for your build.

Afterwards, take Elemental Equilibrium and use cold/lightning damage to reduce the enemy’s resistance to fire by 50%. That’ll be a huge boost to DPS, as long as you remember to throw out another elemental damage type.

You’ll also want to run Dual Curse; Elemental Weakness and Flammability. Toss out a Storm Brand and  use Doedre’s Damning, Windscream/Windshriek, Vixen’s Entrapment, or Corrupted Amulet. That lets you apply your two curses! You’ll also want to use your ability links to deal damage; Wave of Conviction + Combustion Support on Life Inquisitor, 6-link Scorching Ray on Guardian.

For defense, you’ll look for Flesh and Stone (Sand Stance), aspect of the Spider, cap your Chaos Resistance, and get a ton of Regeneration.

For mobility, set up Shield Charge-Fortify for mapping, or Flame Dash-Steelskin for bosses. Each has their benefits, but Shield Charge is just a little better for getting through maps!

Then, your separate classes are going to build slightly differently. Depending on your preference, you’ll want to swap to LL ES Guardian at level 94, after you get the gear to ES correctly. The Guardian really needs good cluster jewels to support this build correctly. So, build a Life Inquisitor for mobility and fire damage until you can swap.


That’s all for our basic overview of Righteous Fire! The poor skill has been dunked on recently, but you can legitimately make a build over it’s damage and ability to buff your spells. Hopefully, this guide makes enough sense to let you start a build, and you can get the gear and gems you need to carry it to the end game!

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