What is the Intro Song in Man of Medan?

man of medan intro song

Supermassive Games has borrowed a lot of ideas from their first title, Until Dawn, while creating
Man of Medan, the first of five games in The Dark Pictures series. Both games are interactive horror
dramas with a strong emphasis on building a cohesive storyline witnessed through the third-person
perspective. The players make decisions in the same matter, and the game never goes back in time to
track what another character is doing at the moment. Now, what if I told you that both of these games
have another similarity that is not connected to gameplay? That connection belongs to the song “O
Death,” which is the opening theme song to both Until Dawn and Man of Medan.

Man of Medan Intro Song Guide

“O Death” was originally recorded in the late 1920s by old-time folk singer Moran Lee “Dock”
Boggs. Since Bogg’s original recording, the song has been covered at least eighteen times! The most
popular rendition of the song appears in the movie “O Brother, Where Art Thou”, starring George

Until Dawn’s rendition of “O Death” was performed by Amy van Roekel. Her vocals are softer, but
the low beat of the instruments help give the song the eerie feel that Until Dawn is going for with its
storyline. Beyond this song, I cannot find anything else that Amy van Roekel has done.

Man of Medan’s rendition was performed by an American doom metal band called Khemmis. Most
doom metal bands are known for thicker cords, slower tempo, and low-tuned guitars; which is perfect
for the kind of mood a game like Man of Medan is trying to create. Khemmis released their first EP in
2013 and has signed with one of the biggest metal record companies in 2017, Nuclear Blast Records.
“O Death” is clearly the best song to represent the mood that games like Until Dawn and Man of
Medan is trying to create. And if I were a gambling man, I would bet that this song will appear on the
next four games in The Dark Pictures series, too

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That wraps up our Man of Medan Intro Song guide! Check out the song and let us know what you think!

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