Starfield: Can You Add Traits Later?

Respeccing characters is not a new concept in video games. Often, you can shift points or skills around to completely remake your character from the bottom up. While the option to change your character’s appearance is virtually endless, the same cannot be said for modifying things like traits. Once you select your traits during character creation, you are stuck with them. Learn more with our Starfield Can You Add Traits Later Guide.

You Cannot Add Traits Later in Starfield

Starfield Can You Add Traits Later

Unfortunately, there is no option for changing or adding traits later in the game. Once you make your selections during character creation, you are stuck with them for the rest of the game. Like your background and skills, traits fall into one of the few categories that cannot be modified in Starfield. Note that while you can remove traits, you cannot replace them with something else.

Of course, there are exceptions if you play on PC. Starfield has a robust console command option, making it possible to change virtually anything about your character. Keep in mind that using any console command in Starfield will disable the achievements function.

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