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man of medan fliss

There are tons of ways to die in Man of Medan (in solo or multiplayer). Every playthrough is different, and keeping everyone alive is tough. However, if you are careful, you can survive with your favorite character. Fliss is one of the five characters in Man of Medan that is playable. To learn how to save Fliss in Man of Medan, keep reading below! P.S. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Captain of the Duke of Milan, who hires the boar out to divers. On the surface, she’s prickly and aggressive. She has worked hard her entire life to make the most of the prospects available to her. – Playstation

Man of Medan Fliss Guide

man of medan save flissFelicite “Fliss” DuBois is one of the primary characters in the Dark Pictures anthology debut. While she is a main character with the potential to survive, her future is not exactly in her hands.

Keeping Fliss alive lies in the hands of Alex during the chapter “Matters of the Heart.” The choices you make as Alex will directly impact what happens to Fliss.

During the chapter, you will encounter a monster with two heads as well as a trio of rats. Avoid stabbing either the monster or a rat. You will get a dialogue option with the monster; when you ask “who are you?” you will find out the monsters is actually Fliss! By sparing the monster, you save her. Nice work!

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And that concludes our Man of Medan Guide. Did we answer all of your questions on how to save Fliss in Man of Medan? We hope so! Let us know if we left anything out in the comment section below.

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