Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Can you Recruit Gilbert?


Fire Emblem: Three Houses features 33 recruitable characters, all which feature a unique set of skills and stats requirements to successfully persuade them to join your house. Though recruiting characters is fairly straightforward, one character that appears less intuitive is Gilbert, one of the Knights of Seiros and an instructor at the Officer’s Academy. We’re introduced to Gilbert in Part 1, Chapter 5 of the game; and from that moment, he remains a consistent presence in the Academy. But is it possible to recruit him to your team?

Fire Emblem Three Houses Gilbert Recruit Guide

Unfortunately, Gilbert is not recruitable. And if you’re playing the Black Eagles or Golden Deer route, you won’t see much of him in Part 2.

However, if you are playing the Blue Lions route, you’re in luck! Gilbert automatically joins your house in Part 2 in Chapter 13. He comes with a hefty set of starting stats, most notably with a base HP of 60, strength of 25, and defense of 30. He also has a B+ in both Lance and Axe and a B in Heavy Armor, making him a strong front-line combatant even when he first joins.

His presence also unlocks a Paralogue battle that’s unique to the Blue Lions route which allows players the chance to earn another Hero’s Relic. Gilbert also has several supports, including a possible S-Level Romance with Byleth and several B- and A-Level Supports with other faculty members (and one special student).

Though he’s only available in one route, Gilbert’s abilities, battles, and storyline make for a powerful and compelling character addition, giving players a bonus to look forward to when they play the Blue Lions route.

Nerds and Scoundrels

And that concludes our Fire Emblem Three Houses Gilbert Recruit Guide. Did we leave anything out? If we missed something, let us know in the comment section below!


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