Tyrannosaur Horn FFXIV | How to Obtain  the Tyrannosaur Horn

tyrannosaur horn ffxiv

Have you ever wanted to ride a dinosaur around the world of Hydaelyn? Well, in Final Fantasy XIV, there’s a shocking number of ways that you might be able to. As of patch 4.25 or so, there’s a fairly consistent and Jurassic solution to your particular want or need; the Tyrannosaur Horn. This might not be the dinosaur you’re expecting, but it’s actually a pretty awesome looking mount, and doesn’t cost you much to get. Our Tyrannosaur Horn FFXIV will tell you how to get this little Tyrannosaur for your collection.

Tyrannosaur Horn FFXIV

You have two paths that you can complete if you want the Tyrannosaur Horn for the mount. If you want it normally, you’ll need to complete trials in The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos. Otherwise, you can complete leveling roulettes and specific dungeons when Tomestones of Esoterics are around. The first is around permanently, the second is event-based and often goes away (but a bit easier and guaranteed!).

If you want to grind for it normally, then you can get it from the Anemos Lockboxes. You’ll find these by completing events and trials in The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos. This is a 144 player instance where you can level up Eureka weapons and grind up new materials. Sadly, this is designed to be for level 70 players, and thus is no longer as useful for powerleveling endgame characters.

The more typical, and simple, way to get this fella is through the Tomestones of Esoterics. These are event drops awarded to players for completing mid-level trials. If an event of this nature is dropped, then you can complete it by completing trials or dungeons with the Moogle icon next to it in the duty finder.

However, the Hunt for Esoterics has been completed. If you’re wondering if you have the 50 Esoterics to claim your T-Rex, then check the moogle near the large aether crystal in any major town. Check the “previous tombstone” option, and you can trade whatever you have for rewards. Hopefully, you have enough… Otherwise, the only way to get this horn is by grinding an Instance! And that might be tricky.

Hopefully, this helped you get your Tyrannosaur Mount, and we apologize that we missed the event! With luck, this mount horn will be offered during Moogle events in the future.

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