Does Ghost of Tsushima Have Dismemberment?

ghost of tsushima dismemberment

In Ghost of Tsushima, revenge is bloody business. When you control the samurai Jin, you can count on many of your battles to result in decapitation and other forms of gore. Learn all about your options in our Ghost of Tsushima Dismemberment Guide

Is there Dismemberment in Ghost of Tsushima

Yes. A lot, in fact. This is a game about a samurai on a quest to conquer his enemies, so you can expect some heads to roll. As we discussed in our Ghost of Tsushima Parents Guide, this game is pretty gory. that include the loss of hands, heads, and more.

Despite the ability to hack and slash your way through opponents, you cannot target specific body parts with your attack. Much like with other games, these finishing blows are entirely up to RNG.

That said, decapitations can occur anything you trigger Slaughter. Much like with Assassination and Chain Assassination, Slaughter is a sneak attack you can select.

Nerds and Scoundrels

That wraps up our Ghost of Tsushima Dismemberment Guide. Need more content? See our Ghost of Tsushima Platforms Guide for more! And check out the video below to see just how brutal this game can be.

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