Death End Re;Quest Glitch Mode Guide

Death End Re;Quest Glitch Mode

One of the unique things about Death End Re’Quest is Glitch Mode. In Death End Re’Quest, Glitch Mode gives characters super powerful abilities that aren’t otherwise unlocked. If you want the scoop on Glitch Mode, keep reading our┬áDeath End Re;Quest Glitch Mode Guide.

Death End Re;Quest Glitch Mode

For starters, Glitch Mode is not an option in the early game. You will need to progress through the game a little to unlock it. After the first few battles, you will be prompted to do a tutorial explaining Glitch Mode. After you complete the tutorial, you will unlock Glitch Mode for every available character.

Glitch Mode involves a new form for each character. However, the only real difference visually is that Glitch Mode characters have fewer clothes. The big difference is the increase in stats and the availability of new abilities.

To use a Glitch Mode ability, enter into Glitch Mode and then activate a Glitch ability as the third attack in a chain.

An important factor for using Glitch Mode is character corruption. Corruption can be identified by the dark percentage visible next to character portraits during a fight. You can increase your character corruption through certain abilities as well as by collecting purple Field Bugs on the battle field. Once your character hits 80% corruption, you can use glitch mode and the abilities that come with it.

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