High on Life A Starfish is Born | Getting the Achievement

Looking for the scoop on how to obtain the A Starfish is Born Achievement in High On Life? We can help with that! This game has gained a lot of attention and players are eager to unlock all of its achievements. With its unique and humorous situations, hidden easter eggs, and a variety of achievements, it’s a thrilling and entertaining game. In this guide, we’ll provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to achieve the A Starfish is Born Achievement in High On Life. Keep in mind that completing missions and bounties may also unlock additional side missions that add another level of depth to the game’s linear structure.

How to Get the A Star is Born Achievement in High on Life

high on life a starfish is born

To obtain the achievement in the game, you need to go to the pawn shop at the start of the game. Purchase the blue drum that is located on the counter on the far right side. It will cost 78 Pesos. It is important to note that if you have progressed too far in the game, specifically to Nipulon’s bounty, it may no longer be possible to obtain this achievement.

In the description of the drum, it mentions that you may be able to give it to someone. This hint is there for a reason. In the city of Blim, you will find a tall yellow alien and a smaller teal alien with butt-shaped eyes standing against the wall of a building. The teal alien, named Globo, makes fart noises when it speaks. Give Globo the drum.

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Next, complete a bounty. Once you have finished, return to the parent-child duo and you will find a crowd gathered around Globo, who is drumming. It appears that he is very talented at it. When you approach Globo and his father again, be sure to speak to them and exhaust all available dialogue options to ensure that you have learned everything you can from them.

Finally, complete one more bounty, then return to visit Globo’s father. Although Globo may not be there, you will learn that he has signed a record deal and will soon be performing on a television show. However, it may not be on air yet. Continue completing bounties and returning to Blim City. When you visit, be sure to look for Globo posters on the walls. If you see them, go to the restaurant in front of your house or the large, circular structure and check the TVs. You may see Globo performing and achieving success, thanks to your efforts.

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