We Ranked the King of the Hill Thanksgiving Episodes

King of the Hill Thanksgiving

One of the best things about our favorite sitcoms is holiday episodes. That is certainly the case for King of the Hill. I am partial to Christmas episodes for sure, but my favorite holiday on King of the Hill is Thanksgiving. It’s not hard to understand why if you are familiar with these holiday episodes. With that in mind, we have opted to list the best King of the Hill Thanksgiving episodes. Keep reading to see the list!

The Best King of the Hill Thanksgiving Episodes Ranked

All told, there are four King of the Hill episodes that center around the Thanksgiving holiday. Here are our favorite, for least to best.

4. Happy Hank’s Giving

King of the Hill Thanksgiving

Year: 1999
Season 4
Episode 7

Happy Hank’s Giving may have landed on the bottom of our list, but it’s among very strong company. All things considered, this is a great episode that centers around the Hill family and their friends getting stuck at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport on Thanksgiving eve.


Skycap: Just the two bags then?
Hank Hill: Yep and this tank of propane.

Joseph Gribble: How long are you going to be in Arizona, Mr Redcorn?
John Redcorn: [A Native American] Just for Thanksgiving weekend.
Dale Gribble: Do your people even celebrate Thanksgiving?
John Redcorn: We did. Once.

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3. Spin the Choice

King of the Hill Thanksgiving

Year: 2000
Season: 5
Episode: 4

In one of his best episodes, Native American character John Redcorn attempts to use the Thanksgiving holiday to educate Joseph Gribble about the difficult plight Native Americans have faced throughout history.


DALE: Now here’s the plan: psst psst psst psst…
HANK: Dale, you’re just going “psst psst psst.”
DALE: Well, I’ve got nothing!

JOHN REDCORN: To the white man, who steals our land and steals our sons.
DALE: To the white man!

BOBBY: Thanks-taking is not a time for celebration. I refuse to carve your turkey. It is basted in the blood of the innocents!

2. Nine Pretty Darn Angry Men

King of the Hill Thanksgiving

Year: 1999
Season 3
Episode 7

The very first Thanksgiving episode on King of the Hill, Nine Pretty Darn Angry Men begins with Hank airing his unhappiness about his mother during Thanksgiving dinner, and ends with an argument with his father over lawnmower brand during a focus group.


Peggy Hill: You defended Troy Aikman more than you defended your own mother!
Hank Hill: Mom knows how it is with Dad. And there were six dropped passes, all Troy can do is get it there!

Cotton Hill: But as bad as Tilly was in the kitchen, she was EVEN WORSE IN THE BEDROOM!

1. Goodbye Normal Jeans

King of the Hill Thanksgiving

Year: 2002
Season 7
Episode 4

After encouraging Bobby to explore his homemaking skills, Peggy eventually develops a jealousy over the home economic ability of her son. This is also the episode with a million dollar bet between Bill and Dale.


[noticing Bobby with a dress]
Hank: There better be a naked cheerleader under your bed.

Hank: Bobby, I need you to do two things I pray you’ll never have to do again: tape the Cowboys game and get me an apron.

Nerds and Scoundrels

And that is our take on the best and worst King of the Hill Thanksgiving episodes. Agree? Disagree? Agree to disagree? No matter how you feel about our list, leave us a note in the comment section and give us your feedback! We love hearing from our readers.

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