Ultron vs Brainiac: Who Would Win?

When it comes to comic book characters, it’s hard not to love the evil genius. Sure, seeing absolute brutes go at it is great. But there is something unique about villains who are known for their intellect. When it comes to evil geniuses, it is hard to top either Ultron or Brainiac. But what if the two did battle with each other? Find out by perusing our Ultron vs Brainiac Guide.

Who is More Powerful: Ultron or Brainiac?

ultron vs brainiac

Ultron and Brainiac have a lot in common. Depending on who you believe, they were essentially the same character. Ultron is a sentient AI system that is attached to an android form. Brainiac is a combination of technology and organic being. both of them also have the ability to respawn and replicate themselves into multiple forms.

Before we can get into which of the two are stronger, it is worth setting a baseline. Both Brainiac and Ultron have taken many different forms over the years, and some of those forms are more powerful than others. For that reason, we are opting to compare the strongest version of each character. That means we are looking at a battle between Final Form Ultron and Multiversal Brainiac.

Ultron: Strengths and Weaknesses

Ultron has the advantage of genius-level intellect. In addition to intellect, Ultron has significant strength, durability, and the power of flight. What’s more, Ultron has a wide range of blasters and weapons. This include the encephalo-ray, which puts victims into a deathlike state.

Another point in the favor of Ultron is durability. Ulron can absorb tremendous amounts of damage thanks to being built from vibranium-adamantium alloy. This is the same substance used to create Captain America’s shield.

Brainiac: Strengths and Weaknesses

Brainiac is immensely powerful. In addition to his immense intelligence, Brainiac possesses superhuman speed, strength, and endurance. Brainiac has had multiple weapons at his disposal, but two stand out. the Hyper-Ray is essentially shrink ray on steroid. Instead of shrinking an opponent, however, this tech is strong enough to shrink entire cities. Brainiac also makes use of the Ultra-Force Shield, a powerful defensive tool able to stop Superman.

Arguably, the strongest power that multiversal brainiac has is knowledge. He not only has vast knowledge of the universes that he has taken over, but is also armed with all of the knowledge that fellow brainiacs across the rest of the multiverse have managed to collect, as well.

Verdict: Ultron

if we were going on track record alone, it would be hard to bet against Brainiac. While Ulton is known for wrecking planets, Brainiac’s whole thing is taking down universes. Brainiac has caused mass extinctions on an unthinkable level, all while absorbing the power and knowledge of those cultures. Despite this undeniable power, Ultron seems better suited for a direct confrontation.

The battle between Brainiac and Ultron would not come down to a physical showdown. Brainiac is powerful, with amazing weapons like his shrink ray at his disposal. However, Ultron has a long track record of using his ability to exercise dominion over technology, and that is likely to turn the tide in this fight. Given that Ultron has taken over entire techno-organic races the Phalanx, the chances are good that he would be able to worm his way inside Brainiac’s tech as well. Once he does, it’s game over.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Came First: Brainiac or Ultron?

Both Brainiac and Ultron have been a part of the comic book world for a long time. Although Ultron is likely the better known of the two (at least in recent years), Brainiac appeared first. Brainiac has been a thorn in Superman’s side since 1958. Ultron, on the other hand, did not first appear in Marvel Comics until 1968. That means Brainiac has had a full ten-year head start. In fact, many believe that Ultron is a shameless copy of Brainiac.

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