Man of Medan Junior Chapter Walkthrough

man of medan junior

When we last left our team, Brad and Julia just watched Olsen kill Danny. Brad tells Julia to grab the Rebreather right before you have to perform a Keep Calm QTE that is triggered when Olsen angrily enters the corridor. After Olsen walks out, Brad and Julia lock their selves in the room with Danny’s corpse. Brad grabs the Military Orders and a Wedding Ring while Olsen attempts to bust into the room. And now we start the Junior Chapter.

Man of Medan Junior Chapter Walkthrough

With all the items in hand, Brad and Julia run into a corner. This will trigger multiple Keep Calm QTEs, as you “can’t risk moving” or else Olsen will catch you. Once successful, Brad and Julia will enter a room and close the door, walking right into Junior’s aim. Junior now has a gun directed at Julia’s head, babbling about breathing in the mist.

To survive this encounter, you need to respond with the following prompts:

  • Curious: “Why can’t we breath in the mist?”
  • Worried: “Alright! There was something back there!”
  • Desperate: “No! Look, we held our breath!”
  • Grab Pistol

From here, Brad will wrestle the pistol out of Junior’s hands. Once the pistol is out of his hands, Julia uses the Rebreather on Junior, turning him back to normal. This will unlock the “It’s all gone changing on me” achievement/trophy. This is also a line of dialog that Junior tells Brad in the middle of the confrontation that you use the prompts above for.

Please note that there are no items that you need to pick up in this chapter. It is a quick, heart-pounding confrontation.

Once Junior returns to normal, the game will immediately move into the “Matters of the Heart” chapter. Do you have any other questions? Please feel free to ask in the comments. And don’t forget to check out our guide to multiplayer in Man of Medan while you’re here!

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