Wanted: Dead August Guide | How to Defeat

While combat is your constant companion in Wanted: Dead, one of the most exciting aspects of the game is the high-stakes boss fights. Early on, you’ll be forced to not only battle a horde of zombie construction workers but also one of the early bosses: August. learn all about this second boss encounter with our Wanted: Dead August Guide.

How to Beat August in Wanted: Dead

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In the second mission of Wanted: Dead, you are sent into Kowloon Park. As you cut through hordes of enemies, you will eventually cross paths with the second boss of the game: August. In fact, August makes his first appearance while you are already tied up with a bunch of pick-wielding construction worker zombies.

Much like the first boss fight, the battle with August comes in two phases. While this is not the most difficult fight imaginable, it can get frustrating if you are not familiar with his moveset. We’ll take a look at the battle phase by phase.

Phase One

if you have already taken a stab at battling August, you might not consider this part of the mission a “phase” of August at all. This is because you are not fighting him in the truest sense. Instead, you must carve through the previously mentioned army of zombies before you can get to fighting August properly. That does not mean he is a passive participant. As you fight his minions, August will toss grenades and fire at you from a distance.

During this phase, don’t bother attacking August at all. Your focus should be mowing down as many of his lackeys as possible. However, you should be cognizant of August while trying to stay just outside of melee range with him when possible. If you stay too far away from August during this part of the fight, he can light you up with gunfire. Get close to him as you kill his minions, but move away before he can attack. It is important that you save your ammo here and rely on your blade, you’ll need your bullets for phase two.

Phase Two

Phase two involves August dropping the gun and charging you constantly. This phase is actually easier than the first, especially if you conserve your ammo. Constantly charging head-long into you provides a great opportunity to shoot him to bits. This phase is even simpler if you have a grenade launcher.

Beware of August when he puts up both arms, covering his face in a Guard position. If you hit him in this position, you’ll be struck with a shockwave that opens you up to attacks. August hits hard, so it is important to avoid this. Carefully following this strategy should have you destroying him in no time.

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