NBA 2K20 Domination Awards Guide

nba 2k20 domination awards

Domination mode is back, baby! Despite some glitches in this version, one of the most popular modes from NBA 2k19 came back with the release of NBA 2k20 on September 6th and this mode is not easy! You advance in Domination mode by completely dominating your opponent in all aspects of the game, earning three stars… against thirty-three different opponents! In three different leagues! That makes for a total of ninety-nine different opponents! That is a tall order, but luckily, this game has plenty of options to help make the grind a little easier.

NBA 2K20 Domination Awards Guide

The game begins by giving you a starter pack with twenty-two cards that you build your team with. You build the best possible team with the resources that you have available, then bring them into the Domination mode screen. You can choose how hard of an opponent you face, and that will determine the awards that you get at the end of the game. Most rewards in Domination are paid through tokens, which can be used to upgrade your cards to different tiers. For example, thirty tokens will upgrade your Emerald tier card into a Sapphire tier card. Please note that all of the cards in your starter pack are Emerald tier cards.

You can also by cards at the Auction House, which unlocks after you have gained thirty cards. You can sell your cards or bid on someone else’s cards here. You can use MT (MyTeam Coins) and VC (Virtual Currency) to participate in the Auction House.

As your team progressively gets better, you will climb the Domination ladder. The harder the opponent you play, the better the rewards you will get. But whatever you need to do to complete a reward, you will need to finish it with three stars in order to gain the best possible reward. Those rewards are usually top tier players that will catapult your team’s performance.

Nerds and Scoundrels

Domination mode is a grinding process. But in the end, you will have an extremely strong team. Any questions? Hit us up in the comments!



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