Dirty Rotten Azulmagia Guide FFXIV | Level 50 Blue Mage Quest

dirty rotten azulmagia guide ffxiv

When it comes to punishing your cast time, few bosses compare to Dirty Rotten Azulmagia. This is your boss to keep you out of level 60 Blue Mage quests, and it’s a legitimately difficult fight! He is the 25th challenge of the Masked Carnivale for a reason! However, you can quite easily take him down, as long as you are well-geared and well-prepared with the right spells. If you’ve been having trouble with this one, see our Dirty Rotten Azulmagia Guide to walk you through the phases!

Dirty Rotten Azulmagia Guide FFXIV

In order to fight Dirty Rotten Azulmagia, you’ll need a few spells. To get these spells, try to have one friend with a level 80 character. They can run the dungeons with you and ensure that you get the spell, without having to worry about needing a full team of Blue Mages!

  • Glower: If you’ve gotten this far, you have Glower! Glower does plenty of magical damage, so it can clear the magical damage phases fine.
  • Drill Cannon or Sharpened Knife: In order to get through Act 2, we need a way to deal physical damage. These two spells are both valid choices. Drill Cannon is obtained from an enemy outside of a dungeon, so it tends to be easier. Go to the area right before the last dungeon of Realm Reborn (Northern Thanalan, x16, y15).
    Sharpened Knife can be gotten from the Wanderer’s Palace, and is just a good ol’ fashioned stab. Wait for the final boss to give itself a buff before taking him down.
  • Flying Frenzy or Loom: One of these spells are really important for the third phase! In order to get out of that phase alive, you need to have a teleport. Flying Frenzy is earned from Pharos Sirius. It requires you to break 2 Zu eggs to anger the Zu boss enough to do the move, which stuns the target for 8 seconds. For the Blue Mage, it’s just a targeted leap.
    Loom doesn’t do damage, but you can choose where you teleport, rather than having an enemy selected. This can be gotten from Dantalion or Phantom Knightin in Tam-Tara Deppcroft (Hard).

Getting spells like Eruption or Mountainbuster is recommended, since it can speed up the later phases. Song of Torment is a great spell, since it applies a powerful magical damage over time bleed, but is not required.

Act 1

During Act 1, Azulmagia reflects physical damage, so only use magic spells. This includes Song of Torment, Off Guard, and Glower, which are the main spells I used. Remember, run away from him when he casts Ram’s Voice, and then get close for Dragon’s Voice. He usually casts Dragon’s Voice right after Ram’s Voice, so you can use Loom if you’d like to get close after a Ram’s Voice.

When he uses Plainbreaker, it can be really tricky to see the orange ground targets. Try your best to notice the order that the orange lines are created on the ground. He usually makes 2 rings, and then 2 more rings, and then casts a spell. You’ll get used to noticing the first rings, waiting for the explosion, and then moving there.

Act 2

Now, Azulmagia switches; you can only hit him with Physical damage, if you want to stay alive easily! This is where Drill Cannon really comes in handy! Use Drill Cannon on him.

When he casts Burning Agnon, try to position yourself behind him, towards the spear. Target the spear (so you do maximum damage to the spear and remove the burning effect quickly) while hurting Azulmagia. Do be careful; he still uses Ram’s Voice and Dragon’s Voice, so you’ll have to pay attention to him.

Act 3

Finally, Azumlagia begins by reflecting Magic, and then eventually casts Ice Spikes to reflect physical. Please try to pay attention to when he switches to avoid a stupid amount of damage! His spells mostly are the same, but he now can cast Charybdis. When he does so, try to avoid the AoE, and then remember where the tornadoes are. They will occasionally pulse larger than their AoE suggests, which sucks you in and hurts you. Try to pull Azulmagia between two tornados and dodge his attacks by walking through him.

When he starts casting Web, run to the opposite side of the arena. Web slows you down a ton, and then he starts dropping a meteor. Flying Frenzy, targeting Azulmagia, will free you from the Meteor Drop. Loom can do the same, and you won’t have to pull Azulmagia first.

If Azulmagia is barely inside of the Meteor AoE, you’re not dead yet. If you Sprint, you actually move at an okay speed. You can sneak outside of the Meteor before you get crushed.

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