High on Life Dodge Unit | How to Get It

Most people are all about the wacky, talking guns in High on Life. While those are the best part, there are plenty of other important pieces of equipment you’ll need to further your bounty-hunting efforts. Some of those pieces of equipment are required if you want to progress the story further. Learn about one of them in our High on Life Dodge Unit Guide.

Get the Dodge Unit in High on Life

high on life dodge unit

You will have the opportunity to pick the dodge unit early on in High on Life. The dodge unit becomes available to you immediately after you defeat 9-Torg and complete your first bounty. Buying the dodge unit isn’t optional, as you can’t advance the game without it.

You’ll need to be in Blim City for this. Head to Keep’s Pawn Shop and use it as a waypoint. Once inside the pawn shop, you can find the dodge unit beneath the large blue sign that reads Bounty Hunters. You can purchase the item for 1,000 Pesos. The dodge unit is a solid but unspectacular item that allows you to dodge.

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