Avoiding Airstrikes in Just Cause 4

It probably goes without saying that getting hit with artillery or bombs in Just Cause 4 is not ideal. Even in some of the sturdier vehicles you can drive, you’ll find that the biggest risk you can face is getting blown to smithereens by an air strike. Thankfully, Just Cause 4 can be pretty forgiving, so if you are on your toes you avoid airstrikes most of the time. Keep reading the Nerds and Scoundrels guide to avoiding airstrikes in Just Cause 4 to get the scoop!

Avoiding Airstrikes in Just Cause 4

Whenever the Black Hand bombs you or launches an artillery strike at you, you’ll get a visual warning on screen. Like in many games, Just Cause 4 shows an area of effect marker warning you of potential AOE damage that is incoming. The on-screen indicator is a red crosshair and looks like this:

Just Cause 4 air strike

You’ll need to stay alert when driving a vehicle, especially one without great reaction time. You’ll be given a few seconds to react, but if you’re within the red crosshair when the strike hits you’re going to take damage. What’s more, the closer you are to the center the more damage you can expect to take. Maneuverability is your best friend here, as the only defense other than just gritting your teeth and taking it is to move out of the red circle before the strike hits. This is usually pretty doable, but stay alert!

It’s also important not to let your guard down after succesfully dodging one of these AOE attacks; the most dangerous times are when you face an air strike just as you’ve maneuvered out of the way of your last one. You’re never in the clear behind the wheel in Just Cause 4.

Nerds and Scoundrels

And that’s how you avoid airstrikes in Just Cause 4. Was this guide helpful? If so, let us know in the comments. Also, don’t forget to check out the rest of our Just Cause 4 content here at Nerds and Scoundrels. Want to see an artillery strike in action? We’ve got the video below cued up just a few seconds before one so you can see it in action!

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