Fire Emblem Engage Maddening Skirmishes | Do They Spawn?

The reviews are in for Fire Emblem Engage, and they are overwhelmingly positive. That does not mean everyone is happy, unfortunately. One of the major complaints in the game involves the lack of skirmishes at the maddening difficulty level. Is this a bug? Is there a trick to spawning skirmishes? We dive into it with our Fire Emblem Engage Maddening Skirmishes Guide.

Where are the Skirmishes in Fire Emblem Engage?

fire emblem engage maddening skirmishes

We are in the early days of Fire Emblem Engage, and at this point it does not appear that skirmishes are available when you play on the Maddening setting. This appears to be intentional, even though the decision has disappointed some players.

There are rumors on Reddit regarding a trick that will allow for skirmishes on this setting. According to the rumor, there is some amount of money you can pay Brodia that will unlock skirmishes. We have yet to be able to confirm if this is true. For now, we presume skirmishes are not going to be available at any point or in any DLC on Maddening.

Why Are There No Skirmishes?

The lack of skirmishes is not a bug or an error. The lack of skirmishes is an intentional design decision based on how the game is balanced. Let’s be real: Maddening difficulty is hard. This difficulty level is not only difficult, it is balanced with the lack of skirmishes in mind. This approach in a FE game isn’t that unusual, especially since Awakening. In general, these games are focused less on grinding in high-difficulty settings.

Is that good design? That’s a question for each player to decide. What we do know is that if skirmishes are important to you, it is best to play on a different difficulty level.

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