The Top 10 Games Like For Honor

Games Like For Honor

The Top Ten Games Like For Honor

Have you squeezed every drop of enjoyment out of For Honor? Are you looking for a new game to fill the void? Nerds and Scoundrels is here to help. Keep reading to discover our Top Ten Favorite Games like For Honor.

10. Nioh

Games Like For Honor

Nioh, meaning “benevolent king,” is an action role-playing game loosely based on the life of British samurai William Adams. In Nioh, you hack and slash your way through an alternate reality 1600’s Japan full of monsters and demons. Nioh does offer multiplayer in the form of calling in other players to help in cooperative quests.

9. Nidhogg 2

Games Like For Honor

First thing’s first, Nidhogg 2 has some major differences from For Honor. For Honor is a slick, big budget fighting game that looks like perfection. Nidhogg 2, on the other hand, is a side scrolling 2-player game that is cartoonish and simple. However, if you’re looking for a sword-swinging good time that offers the ability to challenge other players head-to-head, you might enjoy Nidhogg 2.

8. Middle Earth: Shadow of War

Games Like For Honor

Set in the Lord of the Rings universe, Middle Earth Shadow of War is the sequel to highly-acclaimed Shadow of Mordor. In this version, you hack and slash your way through dark lands as you build your own strongholds with armies of orcs inside. The multiplayer version is unique in that you can assault other players’ strongholds. If you are successful in a ranked game, they will permanently lose some of the army they have acquired.

7. Monster Hunter: World

Games Like For Honor

Monster Hunter: World is less about dueling swords with rival players and more about capturing rare monsters solo or cooperatively. Despite that, the game has tons of weapons types to choose from. Combat strategy is paramount as every creature you battle with is different. The cooperative mode can sustain up to four players, which each run the same missions available in single player mode. You can play with friends or open up your squad to the public. The game is huge and wildly popular, but its multiplayer design as a co-op as opposed to competitive battles with other players is a big difference from For Honor.

6. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Games Like For Honor

If it’s hand to hand combat you want, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is ready to, well, deliver. Set in Bohemia in 1403, this epic open-world adventure follows the tale of a farm hand that becomes a part of a revolution. While the combat system isn’t exactly the same as For Honor, it has been praised as intuitive and realistic. The weapons, certified to be historically accurate by experts consulting for the game, give you the feel of real-world physics. Every attack or parry has a kinetic effect on both you and your nemesis.

While this game is great, the one glaring difference that keeps it from shooting to the top of the list is that it is exclusively single player. If sword combat only appeals to you in a player-vs-player setting, this is probably not for you. But short of that one, albeit major, issue the game compares positively to For Honor.

5. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Games Like For Honor

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare has been a popular hack-and-slash brawl released for the PC in 2012. Despite its age, the game remains popular today. While the game does include ranged weapons like bows, it is primarily a melee game built around castle sieges and large battles. The game has a robust multiplayer option that includes games like free for all, capture the flag, and team death match. While it does have a similar feel to For Honor, the combat system isn’t nearly as nuanced.

4. Dark Souls III

Games Like For Honor

The third release in the classic Dark Souls saga, Dark Souls III is a different type of multiplayer game. While most begin the game as a single player endeavor, it is possible to interact with others also playing. The combat system is well balanced, but it offers a wider selection of weapons that just swords. There are also magical powers called Focus Points that your character can develop. While the fantasy elements and unique multiplayer style differ from For Honor, the gameplay is excellent and combat is challenging. It’s no surprise Dark Souls III won the Golden Joystick for Best Game in 2016.

3. Mount & Blade: Warband

Games Like For Honor

Originally released on Steam in 2010, Mount & Blade: Warband is actually a stand-alone DLC for the critically acclaimed Mount & Blade. Unlike the previous version, this game has a very popular multiplayer mode. The game was released for Xbox and PlayStation in 2016 and still has a strong player base. The multiplayer mode is essentially a large brawl between two teams. Each battle can hold up to 200 players, who can choose between archers, cavalry, or infantry. There are also various other multiplayer modes like capture the flag and castle siege. While combat is enjoyable, the mechanics are far more shallow than those in For Honor.

2. Blade Symphony

Games Like For Honor

Originally released in 2014 by the small studio Puny Human, Blade Symphony is a multiplayer sword fighting game reminiscent of Jedi Knight II. The setting is futuristic, and the mechanics of the game eschew realistic physics for acrobat, parkour-like combat. While the player base has dwindled over the years, the developers announced in early 2018 that the game would shift to free-to-play soon. That move plus the addition of more AI bots in slow time zones has loyalists hopeful for the future. While there are plenty of differences between Blade Symphony and For Honor, we find the pure fun of sword combat earns this game a high spot on the list.

1. Absolver

Games Like For Honor

Of all the games we reviewed, Absolver is our closest match for a game like For Honor. Released in August of 2017, Absolver is an open world sword fighting game that smoothly intertwines single, co-op, and competitive play. You take the role of a Prospect, a roving swordsman traveling through the land of Adal. Along the way, you will battle other players as well as AI characters to learn new techniques and gather valuable loot.

Like For Honor, Absolver is based on sword combat. It has the closest combat mechanics to For Honor’s well-received Art of Battle. Prospects are highly customizable; you can develop custom combinations of attacks, parries, and feints to use in battle. There are a few drawbacks, however. The player base for Absolver is much smaller than For Honor. It also doesn’t enjoy the same depth in the multiplayer aspects. Despite these flaws, Absolver is our pick for the best of the games like For Honor.

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Did our list quench your thirst for games like For Honor? If so, let us know in the comments section! And don’t forget to check out all of Nerds and Scoundrels For Honor content!

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