Surviving The Abyss Air Quality | How to Improve

You have a lot of things to juggle when you operate your underwater base in Surviving the Abyss. You need to mind resources, build facilities, and avoid the creepy sea monster that is intent on smashing your base. You’ll also need to manage your air quality. Not sure how best to do that? We can help! Let’s dive into our Surviving the Abyss Air Quality Guide!

Managing Air Quality in Surviving the Abyss

surviving the abyss air quality

In total, you have three important things you need to track to keep your underwater base up and running. You will need electricity to power your buildings and oxygen for your crew to breathe. Also needed is air quality.

Air quality is different from the oxygen you need to generate. Instead, it is the level of pollution that is found in the air. Poor air quality can have devastating consequences for your base if the problem goes unaddressed. Certain buildings, like the alloy furnace, will greatly reduce the air quality in your base.

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How to Improve Air Quality

There are steps you can take to improve the air quality in your base, or at the very least reduce the impact it has. First, there are buildings you can construct that improve your air quality. This includes buildings like Air Purifiers and Oxygen generators.

The way you lay out your base is also important. You have the option to build separate bases, each with its own air system. It could benefit you to separating the heavily-polluting buildings from the air system that most of your crew uses.

You should only look at tricks like shutting down parts of the base or lumping the heavily polluting buildings together as a stop-gap measure. Your best bet is to build air purifiers as fast as possible. That means aggressively focusing on aluminum early in the game.

That’s it for our guide. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below!

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