Forspoken How to Use Conflagration

Conflagration is one of the best AoE spells available in Forspoken. It brings the heat – literally – in situations when you need to clear out a lot of enemies. It also has the potential to scale, as you can upgrade the power of the spell twice. At the highest level, the damage this spell does is significant. But how do we use it? Let’s dive into our Forspoken How to Use Conflagration Guide to learn more.

Casting Conflagration in Forspoken

Forspoken How to Use Conflagration

Before you can make use of Conflagration, you’ll need to make sure you have it equipped. Conflagration is a red magic spell, which is also referred to as Sila’s Magic. You’ll need to ensure the spell is visible at the top of the magic triangle that is visible in the lower righthand part of your screen.

Casting magic in Forspoken involves various combinations of tapping L2 and R2, at least on Playstation. To cast conflagration, you’ll need both buttons. Simply hold L2 and R2 at the same time to case the spell. The fiery effect occurs in the area directly in front of where you are facing.

What Does Conflagration Do?

As the name suggests, conflagration summons an enormous surge of magma. It deals notable damage to the area of effect, but it also leaves magma in this rage for a period after the spell is cast. Enemies that linger will continue to take damage.

At its lowest level, the damage caused by conflagration is fine. However, as you advance through the game, you’ll have a chance to upgrade the spell twice. At the highest level, conflagration deals tremendous damage!

That’s it for our guide. Tried this spell out yet? If so, let us know how it went!

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