Kingdom Two Crowns Walls Guide

Kingdom Two Crowns Walls

Need some help keeping the greed out of your brand new kingdom? You need walls! Need some help on what walls to use? You need our Kingdom Two Crowns Walls Guide! We here at Nerds and Scoundrels are big fans of Kingdom Two Crowns, and we know protecting your kingdom starts with strong outer walls. Keep reading to get all the info you need.

Kingdom Two Crowns Walls Guide

Strong exterior walls give you your best opportunity to turn back rampaging greed and protect your kingdom. But you can’t just build any wall that you want; walls can only be unlocked if you reach the necessary technological age and you have the coin to buy them.

Walls have some other mechanics that are important to understand. For starters, walls will block the spread of grass. They will also slow down all enemies other than floaters. The ideal strategy with walls involves slowing down the greed long enough for your archers to pick them off before they overrun your kingdom. The higher the tier of wall, the stronger the wall is. That means that higher tier walls will survive far more hits before they fall. Archers will patrol the tops of walls, and they are more protected from hostiles on higher tier walls. If your wall is damaged, workers without any assigned duties will repair the walls during the day.

Tier 0: Dirt Pile

The same starting place as the tier 0 tower, the dirt pile is a naturally generated phenomenon that occurs at random locations on the island. These piles are the starting point for your kingdom, and are necessary to build walls. With a dirt pile, you have zero natural defenses.

Tier 1: Barricade

Cost: 1 Coin
Age: Wood

The weakest of the walls, the barricade will barely slow down the greed before it is destroyed. It’s not a bad value for 1 coin though.

Tier 2: Wood Wall

Cost: 3 Coins
Age: Wood

A significant upgrade over the barricade, the Wood Wall can hold off the greed early in the game, but will get overrun late-game and during a blood moon. If your wood wall is destroyed you can rebuild it for less than the cost of building a new one.

Tier 3: Stone Wall

Cost: 5 Coins
Age: Stone

The Stone Wall is the first wall you can unlock after you enter the stone age, and can far outlast the Wood Wall. It can also be rebuilt after destruction for a cost lower than building a new wall.

Tier 4: Castle Wall

Cost: 8 Coins
Age: Stone

The second tier of stone age walls, the Castle Wall is the second best wall available in the game. It will effectively hold off enemies other than floaters and can absorb a ton of damage. If destroyed, it can be rebuilt for 5 coins.

Tier 5: Iron Wall

Cost: 12 Coins
Age: Iron

The toughest wall in the game, the Iron Wall can only be unlocked once you reach the Iron Age. It can absorb far more damage than any other wall available. When destroyed, it can be rebuilt for only 6 coins.

Kingdom Two Crowns Walls

Nerds and Scoundrels

And that’s our Kingdom Two Crowns Walls Guide! Did you find this guide useful? If so, let us know in the comments section. And don’t forget to check out the rest of our Kingdom Two Crowns┬ácontent here at Nerds and Scoundrels.

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