How to Watch Blood Harvest in High on Life

Let me tell you: there is a lot of stuff to do in High on Life. This game is chock-full of action, adventure, and comedy. And also…. movies? That’s right: you can watch the horror movie Blood Harvest as one of the full-length movies in Squantch Games’ comedic first-person shooter title, High On Life. However, since it is not related to any quest and does not affect game progression, many players miss it. Here is a guide on how to watch Blood Harvest in High On Life.

How to Watch Blood Harvest in High on Life

blood harvest high on life

There are a few different ways to watch Blood Harvest in High on Life. For starters, you can watch on the TV in your living room. YOu can also visit the Movie Theatre to watch Blood Harvest. To get there, pick up a Theatre Warp Disc from Blorto’s Shop. You can find Blorto’s Shop in Blim.

Unfortunately, you cannot select a specific movie at this time. You are at the whim of whatever movie is playing at the moment. You can only hope to drop in at a point when Blood Harvest is on.

To view the full-length movies in High On Life, you must advance in the game and keep checking your TV. Alternatively, you can press the E key on your PC or the corresponding button on your controller while looking at the couch to initiate the prompt to start the movie.

What Movies are Available in High on Life?

Blood Harvest is only one of the movies available in this ridiculous game. The full list of movies you can watch includes:

  • Blood Harvest
  • Demon Wind
  • Tammy and the T-Rex
  • Vampire Hookers

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