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best mouse for ffxiv

Final Fantasy XIV has had a long journey into becoming the game it is today. With a very rocky launch and its revival to be one of the most beloved MMOs of recent years. It’s safe to say that the game is pretty popular now and whether you’ve already jumped in or decided to wait, there’s one thing that a lot of gamers forget about. MMOs are games that are all about strategy, timing, and flawless execution. So the one thing you’re going to need is a really good, high-quality mouse. Let’s jump right into our list for The Best Mouse for FFXIV.

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The Best Mouse for FFXIV

Gaming mice come in all shapes and sizes, with tons of options out there for everyone. But there’s so much choice, that it makes it kind of difficult for people to find the mouse that’s right for them. Especially with games like MMOs, which require an almost completely different style of play to most games. This is why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best gaming mice you can find. All specifically tailored to make your MMO gameplay nice and easy.

Redragon M901

Our next option in this list is a mouse that might look a little more like you’d expect. We’ve gone for this Redragon mouse for it’s wide array of functions as well as its cool aesthetic. So the first thing to notice here is the fact that this mouse has RGB too, which is always a nice thing to give your mouse some extra style. With the companion software you can fully customise its effects and modes. Apart from that the mouse has a rather simple look to it. With a black body and red trim along the underside of the mouse as well as the cord. You can also add weights to the bottom of the mouse to make it as heavy or as light as you want it.

In terms of its functions as an MMO mouse, this is a really good place to go for that. On the left side of the mouse it has 12 different programmable buttons, which is perfect for any MMO game. The only issue here is that the buttons can sometimes be a little difficult to reach. Depending on the size of your hands you might find some buttons are harder to press than others.

In total, it has 19 different buttons that you can assign different functions to. Immediately for MMO fans this is a mouse that you shouldn’t pass up. The downsides here are that it isn’t really going to be great for games that are more fast paced and need a more streamlined mouse. If you’re an MMO player and only really play those kinds of games, this is a great choice. But if you’re someone who loves to play fast paced games, you’d best check some of the other options first.


  • Good Aesthetic
  • 19 Programmable Buttons
  • Great Functionality


  • Awkward Design
  • Only Meant for MMOs

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Razer DeathAdder

This next choice on our list is geared more towards the gamer that wants a well-rounded mouse. We’ve gone for this Razer mouse for its sleek design and well-rounded functionality. At first glance, this mouse looks very simple and that’s because it is. You aren’t really going to be getting any fancy bells and whistles here. What you see is what you get and with 5 programmable buttons that isn’t much. Now having more buttons on your mouse does help quite a bit but it isn’t a necessity. You can get by without them even though it might be a bit of a learning curve if you use mice with a lot of buttons regularly. You can get this mouse in either black or white, both look nice and clean so that’s down to your preference.

What you’re getting here is pure performance in a really simple form. If you’re someone who dabbles in MMOs and every other kind of game, this is a great mouse to go for. It isn’t particularly great for any specific genre of game, it’s just kind of good for everything. The general performance and experience here is pretty great, with great feeling clicks and short response times.

The biggest negative with this mouse is really how simple it is and how little functionality it offers. It also has to be used with mandatory software to get it working properly to begin with. But if you’re able to get past all of that this is still a really great mouse for pretty much everything. This is the pick if you want something that’s well rounded for anything you do on a PC. Plus it’s often on sale, which is also pretty great.


  • Clean, Sleek Look
  • Great Performance
  • Good for Everything


  • Only 5 Buttons
  • A Bit Too Simple

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Logitech G600

With this option, we’re going back to something that should be a little more familiar to MMO players. We’ve gone for this Logitech mouse for its great performance and fantastic functionality. The first thing to notice here is that this mouse looks a little bit boring. It does have RGB lighting though, it’s just behind the dozen buttons on the left side. What this does is make the mouse seem a little boring aesthetically.

If you’re a gamer that really cares about their stylish mice, you might be a little disappointed. The overall shape here is a little more ergonomic than other options we’ve had on the list so far. This mouse is going to fit your hand a little better and make those longer sessions a little easier. The software it comes with is also pretty useful and mandatory for mapping different functions to your mouse.

As previously mentioned, there are 12 programmable buttons on the side, with 20 buttons in total. So if you’re looking for sheer quantity, this is the mouse for you. If you’re constantly running out of room for all of your hotkeys, this should have you covered. The design here is also really nice and you shouldn’t really have any issues with reaching the buttons comfortably. The design here is so good that it can actually be used pretty comfortably outside of gaming too. Whether you’re a video editor or just someone who uses their PC a lot. This mouse should keep you going for a good long while.  Ultimately this is a fantastic mouse and it’s a great choice for those that want a huge amount of buttons at their disposal.


  • Great Design
  • 20 Programmable Buttons
  • Easy to Use


  • Boring Aesthetics
  • Mandatory Software

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Razer Naga Trinity

best mouse for ffxiv

Our final option on this list is a mouse that offers you a lot of control over the experience. We’ve gone for this mouse from Razer for its great aesthetics as well as its amazing functionality. Another Razer mouse has entered the list and that’s for pretty good reason. The style here is typical Razer and it looks great if you like the simplicity of it. The black and green combo works really well together. Plus this mouse has RGB too, seen in the programmable buttons on the left side. It also has a more ergonomic style to it too, with the right side having more of a grip to hold on to. Overall the visuals on this mouse look really clean and add just enough color to make it interesting. Though this mouse does also use the mandatory software found with the previous Razer option.

But the really cool part about this mouse is the amount of control you have over it. The buttons on the side are actually just one of three different styles you can have. The mouse comes with 3 different plates that you can attach. One with 12 buttons, one with 7 buttons, and one with 2. Each of these is designed to be used with different kinds of games but when you get the mouse you can have a mess around with it and see which you prefer. With the 12 button plate attached, you get 19 buttons in total to use. Which is a fantastic amount and should be great for any serious MMO players. The overall experience here is really good and this is a fantastic mouse to go for if you’re really into playing MMOs of any kind.


  • Great Design
  • 19 Programmable Buttons
  • 3 Button Variations


  • Mandatory Software
  • Fairly Simple Aesthetic

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Buying Guide

If you’ve taken a look at all of the options on this list and you still have no idea which mouse to get, don’t worry! In this section, we’ll be giving you some extra information and some helpful tips to help you out with your purchase.

Ergonomic Mice

Gaming mice are usually designed for one thing, unsurprisingly it’s gaming. But that doesn’t mean that they’re completely useless with any other computer task. In fact, gaming mice are great for all sorts of things. When you get a new mouse you should think about everything you do on a computer besides gaming. For instance, if you do a lot of graphic design or work on photoshop, you might want a mouse that is more ergonomic. Mice like the MX Master by Logitech are purely designed for ergonomic use and they’re really comfortable but they aren’t so great for gaming. Since they simply aren’t designed for it. So if you’re someone who does a lot of work on your PC, think about what you’ll be using the mouse for. The more work you do, the better off you’d be with an ergonomic mouse.

Wired VS Wireless

When it comes to mice, the real question comes down to whether you want a wired mouse or a wireless one. Both come with their own advantages and disadvantages, but for serious gaming, there’s only one way to go. Wireless mice are fantastic for their portability, ease of use, and the fact that there are no cables to get in the way. You can put the mouse wherever you want without the need to have to cater for a cable. But, all wireless mice have some kind of delay with their inputs. This varies from mouse to mouse, but either way, you’re going to notice it.

This delay is going to seriously affect your reaction times during heated moments. Eventually, you could get used to it, but for gaming, it just isn’t the optimal way to play. Wired mice don’t tend to have this issue at all. Making them perfect for gaming, but then they also have their own issues too. Having to deal with a wire can be annoying and seriously has an effect on its portability. Now with MMOs you might not notice this delay and can probably deal with it anyway. But just be aware that’s what you might be getting with a wireless mouse.

You get what you pay for

With technology in general, you tend to get what you pay for. Going for the cheaper option on things like keyboards or mice can usually lead to a poor experience. Now there are some cheaper peripherals that you can get that do offer good performance. But most of the time it’s best to stay away from these if you want a good gaming mouse. There’s a reason that most streamers and content creators use expensive gaming mice. Simply put, they just offer a ton of performance and allow you to perform your best. But if you do want to resort to the cheaper alternatives, make sure to do plenty of research. Check reviews, find videos, and check that the mouse can keep up with whatever game you want to play.


  • Keep an eye out for deals on gaming mice, Razer mice like the Deathadder, often go down to half price when they’re on sale and it’s a great deal.
  • See what mice your friends use, ask to check it out and get a firsthand look at what they have. This is one of the best ways to check out different gaming mice and get opinions from people you trust.
  • Check out any gaming or tech stores near you and see if they have any mice that you can test out. It’s a really good idea to actually know exactly what you’re getting.
  • For MMO games you really want a mouse with a lot of functions on it. Whether that’s an ergonomic mouse that fits your hands comfortably for hours. Or if it’s a mouse with 20 different buttons on it for your hotkeys. MMOs are special games and that means they require pretty special mice.
  • If you use a laptop to game, you might prefer to have a wireless mouse. Dealing with the cord on a wired mouse might be annoying to deal with. Just be aware of the possible latency you’d be getting with a wireless mouse.

Verdict – The Best Mouse for FFXIV

That’s been our list for The Best Mouse for Final Fantasy XIV. If it’s helped you out at all with finding the right mouse for you, let us know! Thanks for reading!

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