How to Complete Lost No Longer | FFXIV Lost No Longer Guide

ffxiv lost no longer

For Final Fantasy XIV fans, the arrival of Patch 5.35 has brought a lot of joy. In addition to the new zone known as the Bozjan Southern Front, this patch also includes countless quests and items. One quest that has given players some trouble is Lost No Longer. Need help? We have the answers in our FFXIV Lost No Longer Guide!

FFXIV Lost No Longer Guide

The requirements of Lost No Longer seem pretty straight forward. Take a look:

ffxiv lost no longer

That’s right, all you need is to obtain a forgotten fragment. Simple, right? Unfortunately, these directions leave something out. It doesn’t specify which type of forgotten fragment you need to complete Lost No Longer. That does not mean any fragment will do. You need the forgotten fragment of skill to complete this one. Every other forgotten fragment doesn’t work.

Knowing this, you can complete Lost No Longer by having the right fragment in your inventory. In fact, this one will auto-complete if you have the forgotten fragment of skill in your inventory when the quest begins.

Nerds and Scoundrels

That wraps up our FFXIV Lost No Longer Guide. There are countless things to explore throughout the Southern Front, as well as the rest of the content in this patch. If you have any questions on completing Lost No Longer, hit us up in the comment section below!

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