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the cloud deck ffxiv

When it comes to side content, Final Fantasy XIV is constantly adding new stuff for players to do. One new thing for players to take on is the Cloud Deck trial. This is the newest trial in the Sorrow of Werlyt questline. Therefore, conquering this trial (and the extreme version) is needed to get IL 525 weapons. That’s worth considering, since these require a lot less effort than the Eden’s Gate Normal Raids for weapons that are close in quality. Our FFXIV Cloud Deck guide will get you through this trial without too much pain.

The Cloud Deck FFXIV Guide

The Cloud Deck is unlocked after completing “Duty in the Sky with Diamond”, part of the Sorrow of Werlyt quest. If you’ve completed the Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald weapon quests, as well as the following questline, then you should be good to go. Otherwise, head to the Ala Mhigan quarter in the Lochs and get started on it! The Cloud Deck and the Extreme version can get you some dang good weapons.

There are some attacks to look for during this trial, though. We’ll go over all of the attacks that the fight has to offer for you. 

Phase 1

The Diamond Weapon splits into two forms, one for each tank. As the tank, you need to position away from the party, and the party needs to be careful about getting anywhere near the tank.

The trial will, most likely, be on a single platform, and use the second platform to avoid attacks and damage. This’ll keep things easy for the healers and the tanks alike, since the tanks will need to dodge damage a lot.

  • Diamond Rain: Raid-Wide damage.
  • Adamant Purge: All characters on the side of the arena with the red claws must teleport to the other platform.
  • Photon Burst: The tanks should teleport to the other platform and spread out, since they’ll be targeted with a big blast.
  • Adamant Purge (Stack): Entire raid should stack up on this to mitigate damage.
  • Code Chi-Xi-Stigma: Phase 2! Well done.

Phase 2

  • Auri Cyclone: Get close to the glowing marker, because this is a push-back.
  • Airship’s Bane: Teleport to the untargeted platform to not get insta-killed.
  • Outrage: Arena-wide.
  • Auri Arts: Check for the safe spot between two of the final dash markers. The final dash attack will hit the safe spot, so move to the other side of the platform.
  • Auri Doomstead: Tankbuster, but hits everyone.
  • Auri Arts (Circle): Avoid the AoE circle and the dashes.
  • Vertical Cleave: This is another knockback, so position yourself correctly to not get thrown off.
  • Restoring Armor: Back to the armored form.

Phase 3

All phase 1 attacks return, but there’s a few new ones now.

  • Diamond Shrapnel: Targeted party members should use the other platform, or the edges of the party’s platform, to run away from the consecutive AoEs.
  • Articulated Bits: Hands will start chasing the party. Make sure you’re not in front of the hands at any time; usually, they’ll be in front of one half of the arena, and require you to either teleport or move to the other side of the platform.
  • Adamant Sphere: Meteor effect; one party member must stand in each AoE.
  • Adamant Purge (All Targets): Spread out enough so that you’re not near any party member.

That’s.. A lot of attacks!

Generally, if you’re panicking in phase 1 or 3, just remember that you can teleport to the other platform to reflect and maybe dodge some attacks. This is mostly an AoE dodging fight, so you can use the other platform basically whenever you’re targeted. Stay away from the tanks, and tanks should really prioritize not being near the party (or each other). 

This fight looks a lot more chaotic than it really is. You’ve done harder tasks in Shadowbringers. Bust try to keep on the move and pay attention to your feet and party around you.

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