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man of medan conrad escape

In Man of Medan, Conrad is clearly the arrogant character in our team of protagonists. When the pirates are first introduced to us, Conrad flaunts his money in front of them like it is nothing. So it is no real surprise that Conrad is the first character to potentially die… That is if you can time all of his sequences right. This list of events all happens in the Intrusion chapter.

Man of Medan Conrad Escapes Guide

As soon as the pirates kidnap our team of protagonist, you will have to make several QTE checks that will all result in getting tied up. Conrad will have to decide who to untie first, which will trigger the following sequence:

  • Ungag Fliss on the left
  • Alex will ungag Conrad
  • Ungag Alex on the right
  • Alex will ungag Julia
  • Junior will take Fliss away
  • Untie Alex until Junior enters
  • Press square to avoid the punch

Junior will take Conrad to meet Olsen, the leader of the pirates. Olsen will successfully punch Conrad; that is unavoidable. Use the following sequences to respond when prompted:

  • Serious: “What do you want?!”
  • Agitated: “Please just stop.”
  • Compliant: “Okay.”
  • Uneasy: “No. I hope he’s okay.”

And now it is time for Conrad’s shining moment! Conrad will successfully escape with the following prompts:

  • Concerned: “I can sneak around the boat.”
  • Knock out the window when the thunder strikes; it’ll happen on a count of six.
  • Make five straight QTE checks while Conrad is on the side of the boat.
  • Choose Escape (Left) over Knife (Right)
  • When on the boat: Press square, circle, circle, triangle

Completing this sequence will save Conrad’s life! Congratulations! Now you have four more people to save! That concludes our Man of Medan Conrad Escape Guide; any questions? Want to save another character? Check out our guide to saving Fliss in Man of Medan!

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