Farming Simulator 19 How to Grow Sugarcane

Farming Simulator 19 How to Grow Sugarcane

One of the new crops that makes its first appearance in Farming Simulator 19 is sugarcane. This new crop requires new machinery and new techniques. Need a hand? Nerds and Scoundrels has you covered. Keep reading for our tips on how to grow sugarcane in Farming Simulator 19.

Farming Simulator 19 How to Grow Sugarcane

To grow sugarcane in Farming Simulator 19, you will need a new piece of equipment: cane planters. You will find these planters in the Sugarcane technology section on the tools tab in the Store.

Sugarcane Planters

Farming Simulator 19 How to Plant Sugarcane
I love these cane planters

There are three types of planters that you can use for sugarcane: The Gessner Single Row Billet Planter, the TT8022 Drive-less, and the Gessner Two Row Billet Planter.

Gessner Single Row Billet Planter

The least expensive model, the single row billet planter from Gessner only plants in a single row and has the smallest capacity. That means more time spent in the field, but otherwise it gets the job done.

TT8802 Drive-less Planter

The intermediate model, the TT8802 is a little more expensive than the Single Row Billet Planter, and it also only plants one row at a time. However, it comes with an increased capacity along with a higher price tag.

Gessner Two Row Billet Planter

The crown jewel of the cane planters, the two row version from Gessner is the only option for double row sugarcane planting. It also has a much higher capacity than the other models. It should be no surprise that it costs more than twice as much  as the TT8802 planter.

How to Plant and Harvest Sugarcane in Farming Simulator 19

To begin, attach your planter to a tractor and fill it with sugarcane pallets. You can purchase them along with other pallets in the store, under Objects.

It’s worth noting that you don’t need to pre-treat the field for sugarcane. You can sow it directly into the field after harvesting another crop, or even on top of other crops when they wither. Helpful, right?

After planting, it’s time to harvest. The easiest solution is to attach a cane trailer to a smaller harvester behind a tractor. There are two harvesters that will work:

  • CaselH Austoft 8800: Priced at $349,000, this harvester can pull a small trailer if you attach a hook. But due to the large harvest, you’ll need a tractor with a semi-trailer running with it to keep up.
  • Lizard SWT 7: Far cheaper at only $45,000, it is also two times slower but doesn’t need a semi running with it. This is our personal favorite.

Farming Simulator 19 Sugarcane Tips and Tricks

  • Sugarcane does not wither. You can plant it anywhere and leave it to be harvested later.
  • The cane grows back by itself – you don’t have to plant it again (except after a periodical ploughing).
  • Cane, like grains, requires ploughing (or use of a subsoiler) every 3rd harvest.
  • You can fill the planter with cane from the previous harvest, just like potatoes.
  • Cane crop volume per 1 hectare exceeds 150,000l, which at average market prices (medium difficulty) yields a profits of up to $40,000.

Farming Simulator 19 How to Grow Sugarcane

Nerds and Scoundrels

And that is our Farming Simulator 19 How to Grow Sugarcane guide. Did you find this guide helpful? If so, let us know in the comment section. And don’t forget to check out the rest of our Farming Simulator 19 content here at Nerds and Scoundrels! Want to see a sugarcane harvest in action? Check out this video below.

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