Gears 5: How to Power Up and Use the Fabricator

gears 5 fabricator

Gears of War is back, and Gears 5 looks to be the best version yet. The developers have not disappointed, bringing back the Horde mode that has always been popular. There are some major differences in this version, but one thing that remains true from Gears 4 is the use of the Fabricator. See our guide below on how to power up the fabricator in Gears 5 Horde Mode.

Gears 5 Power Up Fabricator Guide

At the start of every Horde match, you must move the fabricator to begin the match. Once moved, the fabricator will begin working. Just like in Gears 4, the Fabricator is used to craft weapons, defenses, and more.

Moving the Fabricator will start it up, but it needs to be powered up to craft anything.

Getting Power for the Fabricator

Power is the fuel you will use to make the Fabricator work. To get it you, you need to kill hostiles. Every time you kill an enemy they will drop small items that look like lightning bolts. These are Power, and you can accumulate them just by picking them up. Please Note: you will lose all of your power if you die.

Using Power

If you manage to hang on to your power long enough to use it, there are two different things you can do with it. The first is to craft weapons and defenses using the Fabricator. The second option involves purchasing perks for your character.

Using Power with the Fabricator is as simple as pressing X when you approach the Fabricator, then pressing X again to store power. Any player can do this.

If you want to use your Power for perks, your chance to do that occurs in between rounds. After a round, hit Y to launch the perks menu. Then, navigate using your D pad to find the perk you like. These perks give useful but small boosts to a variety of skills. Your best bet is a mix of crafting weapons and giving yourself perks.


  1. Move the Fabricator to start the match
  2. Kill bad guys and take their Power
  3. Load their power into the Fabricator by pressing X twice

We hope our Gears 5 Power Up Fabricator Guide was helpful! If we missed anything let me know!

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