Chained Echoes Two Winged Angel Walkthrough

Need a hand with Two Winged Angel? This quest comes along at the end of the game, and even starting it can be tricky without a little guidance. If you are ready to dive in, keep reading our Chained Echoes Two Winged Angel Walkthrough.

Completing Two Winged Angel in Chained Echoes

chained echoes two winged angel

There are steps you must take before you can even begin Two Winged Angel. In fact, you will need to complete the entire main quest for the game before you can begin this one. Once you complete the final quest, you will need to travel to New Wyrnshire. If you hang around close to the exit to Wyrnshire Castle, you will eventually be approached by a blonde character in a brown vest with an offer.

The NPC sends you to a home that has previously been impossible to enter. This home is located in the black market. Inside the building are a number of merchants you can speak with. There is some great stuff for sale, but for the purpose of this quest you’ll need the fellow at the top-left of the building. He tells you to find someone named Norgant.

Finding Norgant

Norgant is a name you should be familiar with! The next step is to fast-travel to the southern tip of the Kortara Mountain range. From there, you’ll need to fly north. You’re looking for a fort in this area, but the guards will order you to leave if you approach. That’s where Sienna comes in.

Playing as Sienna, you can sneak into the fort by scaling down a cliff and into a cave on your right. Most of the caverns here are dead ends, but you can hug the wall heading southwest. Eventually you’ll reach a sentry post where you will need to sneak past when he is not watching.

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Grabbing the Key

You next come to a bridge with plenty of bandits nearby. Your goal is here is to avoid them and pick up Norgant’s Key from a chest nearby. Look for the guard wearing sunglasses. He’s asleep and can’t nab you, and the chest is just to the west of him. Note that a scene will complete before you can grab the key.

Now, head east again. You’ll see two more guards that you must avoid. Wait until they are not watching, and then head to the door behind the guards. Norgant’s Key opens the door.

Inside the cave the rest of the parties catches up with you – and so does Norgant. He’s not after a fight though, he wants cash for the Seraph Armor. For a measely 50,000 arc it can be yours!

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