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brave new world ffxiv

Patch 5.5 of Final Fantasy XIV has brought in a ton of new quests for players to explore. The YoRHa crossover has been going quite well, and the Dark Apocalypse has quite a lot for players to work through. Whether you’re up to date or trying to catch up to Shadowbringers, “Brave New World” will be important if you plan on experiencing the entire package for raid content. So, this is all you need to know about FFXIV Brave New World if you need it!

Brave New World FFXIV

Brave New World is the quest unlocked after you complete “Konogg, Alone”. Konogg, Alone is the first 5.5 quest for the YoRHa crossover, and requires for you to have completed the Puppet’s Bunker. If you haven’t completed that raid yet, or haven’t gotten the quests afterwards, you might not be able to get to Brave New World yet. Look around Kholusia (x: 34, Y: 18) to see if there are any Blue Exclamation quests. You might find Konogg or another Dwarf who will help you continue the questline.

Once you reach Brave New World, you’ll need to head inside the Puppet’s Bunker. This is available through the Excavation Tunnel, where you can enter the dungeon. We suggest that you select a class with Peloton or other move speed increases, since you’ve got some walking to do.

Spoiler Alert!

Konogg is inside, unconscious on the ground. 2P appears from Anogg’s orb… and then like 30 more 2Ps. Thankfully, Anogg, 2B, and 9S come to help destroy the sphere, but it’s too late. The sphere explodes upwards into a massive, blocky, white tower. And you’re going to have to get in there and get rid of it.

After you completed the dungeon, the dig site chief seems unnerved but safe. It looks like you saved that little dwarf town… And probably the rest of the world!

After you do that, you’re able to do some fetch quests for the Dwarven Village. This seems to be entirely up to you, but it would be nice to do once or twice, just to be able to walk through these fantastic raids one more time.

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