Challenge Quest MHW Guide

Challenge Quest MHW guide

For hunters looking to challenge themselves solo or with friends, Monster Hunter World offers challenge quests for those seeking competition and reward. These events change weekly and have requirements for the equipment you use and the time you take to complete them. Keep reading the Nerds and Scoundrels Challenge Quest MHW guide to get the scoop!

What is a Challenge Quest in MHW?

There are two types of event quests in Monster Hunter World: Arena Quests and Challenge Quests. Challenge quests are similar to Arena Quests, but they appear less frequently. The Challenge Quests available change each week; you can see the current and upcoming challenges below.

Each Challenge Quest has to be completed with one of the five pre-set equipment packs. Your record for completion time for a given weapon is recorded and ranked globally. The quests involve slaying a specific monster, and like Arena Quests the rewards involve rare coins. However, certain Challenge Quests can also reward you with items used to craft useful equipment like rare armor sets.

It’s important to note that both Arena Quests and Challenge Quests allow a maximum of two people. It’s a good idea to get cooperative help when possible, as each challenge is scaled as for multiple players. Some MHW Challenge Quests may be difficult for a single player to complete.

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Where do you find challenge quests in MHW?

The only place you can find either Arena or Challenge Quests in MWH is within The Gathering Hub in Astera. When you enter The Gathering Hub you will find the Quest Counter on your left. Behind the counter is an NPC, the Arena Lass. When you speak with her she will give you the choice between Arena and Challenge Quests. This is the only place within Monster Hunter World that Challenge Quests are available.

Current and Upcoming Events

Below are the current and upcoming events for early 2019. To see the official calendar, click here.

January 26th – February 7th

MHW Challenge Quest

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