Fire Emblem: Three Houses Two Toned Whetstone Quest | Who to give the Whetstone to?

fire emblem three houses two toned whetstone

There are more side quests in Fire Emblem: Three Houses than you can shake a stick at. One quest has a sticky question though: do you help Catherine or Shamir? In the Fire Emblem: Three Houses Two-Toned Whetstone Quest, you must come to a decision which character will receive a two-toned whetstone. Unfortunately, there is only whetstone to go around, hence the question: “who to give the Whetstone to?”

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Two-Toned Whetstone Quest Walkthrough

In the first act, you will encounter two characters: Catherine and Shamir. You will overhear them in the Monastery. A brief conversation with both characters will help you realize they both want the two-toned whetstone. This will activate two quests, with each quest ending once you deliver the whetstone. The problem is, there is only one whetstone to go around so you can only complete one quest.

Since you can only complete one quest, the real consideration is if one quest or the other delivers a better reward.

Choosing Catherine

If you decide to help Catherine, she will reward you with a silver sword. That will also include the support points needed to use the weapon.

Choosing Samir

If you opt to help Samir, he will reward you with a Silver Bow and the support points you’ll need to fire it. The choice ultimately depends on your playstyle, but don’t fret over the choice – you can buy either weapon starting in Act 2.

Mission Walkthrough

Before you get any reward, you’ll need to nab the whetstone. To get it, you must first locate the Crestological Mysteries book. You will find it close to Catherine. Give the book to Hanneman, then locate the Tome of Comely Saints. When you find that tome, gift it to Manuela.

From there, you will need one last item. This will result in a series of events that will get you the Two Toned whetstone. To complete the mission, find the Fire Amulet and hand it over to Cyril. Cyril will give you the Glow Stone – give that to Mercedes. She will give you the Path of Dawn, which you will take to Marianne. After giving it to Marianne, she will hand over Eye Drops.

Finally, the swapping madness ends when you give the Eye Drops to linhardt. In exchange, you will (finally!) get the Two Toned Whetstone. From there, just hoof it back to Catherine or Shamir and make your choice.

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