Stardew Valley Qi Fruit | What is It, Where Do You Get It?

stardew valley qi fruit

So, you’re on Ginger Island, and you get a quest from this Mr. Qi guy. He wants you to plant Qi Fruit, farm them, and send them to him in a huge bundle, and only gives you 28 days to do it! That’s a lot of fruit, without a lot of time to do it. So, what is Qi Fruit? Is there any way to get it other than farming? And is the quest even worth the effort? Find out in our Stardew Valley Qi Fruit guide!

Qi Fruit in Stardew Valley

Qi fruit are a strange, blue-ish crop that becomes a little bulbous. They grow out of Qi Beans and grow in 4 days.

Where is it?

Qi beans are the source of the ki fruit, and require water every day. They tend not to drop in the winter. You can gather qi beans by breaking rocks, chopping trees, cutting grass, gathering from trash, and fishing. You can also make qi beans in the seed maker, which will vastly increase the number of beans that you are able to produce.

The crop doesn’t spawn until the quest Qi’s Crop (or Five Plagues) has started. Then, you’ll want to search the world and do stuff that normally drops crops and find qi beans. We highly suggest using the seed maker, since that will boost your rate of getting Qi beans significantly. You can grow 7 batches of qi beans in total, if you start planting on the first day and selling on the last. So… You’ll want be quick! That’s an average of 72 crops per 4 day cycle… Which is a ton!


If you’re able to complete the Qi quest, you’ll get 100 Qi gems! That’s quite a lot. Qi gems can be exchanged for recipes, furniture, cheatsy items like Key To The Town or Galaxy Soul, or cosmetic items like Mr. Qi’s hat. Gathering these rewards can vastly increase your efficiency, and also can be super fun! Check out the list of reward items to see what you might want to find, since there’s a ton of different items to change how Stardew Valley plays!

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