What is Astral Chain Legion Maintenance?

astral chain legion maintenance

When you’re not defeating enemies, or solving complicated quizzes, you might find yourself participating in Astral Chain legion maintenance. But what exactly is legion maintenance, and does it do anything for you in the game?

Astral Chain Legion Maintenance Guide

At the beginning of each File you will notice the ability to complete a minigame called Legion Maintenance. During the Legion Maintenance minigame you’ll be able to “pet” your collection of Legions you’ve gotten throughout the game. If you’ve played any of the recent Pokemon titles, then you might notice a similarity. Just like with the Pokemon-Amie minigames you can take care of your Legions. Participating in this minigame will help clear corruption from your Legion.

While Astral Chain will regularly give you access to the Legion Maintenance minigame, it will never actually explain what the point of the minigame is or if there are any benefits. In fact, many players find themselves stumped or completely confused as to what participating in this minigame does. This has led many players to assume that there isn’t a real benefit from participating and that it may just be an arguably fun minigame that players can enjoy between files. A few Reddit users have discovered that Legion Maintenance unlocks an achievement that then unlocks a new Legion color. Some players have found and made the case that maintaining your Legions will make their attack speed faster. Other users haven’t really noticed any benefits from participating in the minigame. The jury is still out on exactly what the benefits of the Legion Maintenance may be for now.

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