Warframe Prosecutor Guide | Tactics and Loot Guide

A Warframe Prosecutor is the elite melee fighter of the Grineer. They operate similarly to traditional Guardsmen while generally offering a stiffer challenge. These NPCs are sought-after because of their loot drop, but also because defeating one on Ceres is a requirement to unlock Jupiter. Want to know how to find and beat a Warframe Prosecutor? Read the Nerds and Scoundrels guide below.

Warframe Prosecutors

Prosecutors are the elite variant of Grineer Guardsmen hand-picked by Councilor Vay Hek himself. They stand out from traditional Guardsmen thanks to their unique elemental shield auras. Prosecutors come in four variants, Heat, Cold, Electricity, and Toxin. Each Prosecutor is immune to all damage other than their own shield type. All prosecutors are immune to all damage types that combine elements such as Radiation. If you lack the right type of elemental damage, Prosecutors do have a slightly lower resistance to Slash damage. Void Beam will also deal damage to any flavor of Prosecutor.

Defeat a prosecutor on Ceres

Warframe ProsecutorFinding and farming Prosecutors can be frustrating. Forums are full of reports of players running mission after mission without seeing one. Our research shows that while it’s possible a prosecutor can spawn on any mission, your best bet is focusing on missions on Ceres that contain alarms. Setting off an alarm raises your chances of a prosecutor appearing significantly.

Nerds and Scoundrels recommends running spy missions to defeat a prosecutor on Ceres. This mission makes for great farming because there are multiple vaults with multiple alarms. The key is to trip the alarm before entering the first vault. Once you clear all of the enemies that spawn, disable the alarm. You then move from one vault to another, setting off the alarm, clearing the spawn, and disabling the alarm. Sometimes you will pick up as many as four Prosecutors in one mission.


One reason Prosecutors are so sought after is that they have a 100% drop rate for Javlok Capacitors. These capacitors are used exclusively to build the Javlok, a grineer spear gun capable of launching heated projectiles. It’s secondary mode is that the weapon itself can be thrown, causing area of effect damage.

One trick for looting is possible when using the Nekros Warframe. With Nekros, you can use the Desecrate ability to give yourself a chance of spawning a second loot drop from every corpse within the abilities area-of-effect. Because Prosecutors drop a Javlok Capacitor 100% of the time, a max-skilled Nekros can get an extra capacitor to drop roughly 52% of the time. This can greatly reduce the amount of grinding you would have to do to build the Javlok.


Since its humble beginnings in 2013, Warframe has transformed from a niche game into an enormous free-to-play cooperative universe. The lore of the game is especially interesting, pitting a variety of factions together to battle over the universe. Each year, the game receives a large cinematic expansion that advances the story, updates the game, and introduces new weapons, missions, and enemies.

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