Stardew Valley Sweet Gem Berry | How to Get and Use It

stardew valley sweet gem berry

Do you have questions about the sweet gem berry in Stardew Valley? If so, dive into our guide!

Stardew Valley Sweet Gem Berry Guide

There are plenty of crops you can grow and purchase in the Stardew Valley, but none will be as rare as the Sweet Gem Berry. You can grow this Berry during the Fall season from a Rare Seed, but it will take 24 days to fully mature. The payday will be more than worth the time spent to grow the valuable seed. A regular Sweet Gem Berry can be sold for 3,000g. That is a net worth of 125g a day! The Silver can be sold for 3,750g and the Gold can be sold for 4,500g.

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Both the Rare Seed and the Sweet Gem Berry can be purchased from the Traveling Cart as well. The Sweet Gem Berry will cost anywhere between 9,000g and 15,000g. The Rare Seed will cost 1,000g during the Spring and Summer, and anywhere between 600g to 1,000g in Fall and Winter. You can also create more seeds with the Seed Maker, essentially letting you produce more money in the long run.

Beyond selling the Sweet Gem Berry, what else can you do with this valuable crop? If you were to gift this to a villager, they will not appreciate this item for what it is worth, as they will only give you a neutral upgrade to their friendship. The Sweet Gem Berry appears to be the sweetest thing you will ever smell, but it provides no benefit to your health or energy.

You can give it to Old Master Cannoli in the Secret Woods, and in return, he will give you the Stardrop. The Stardrop will permanently increase your maximum energy by 34 points! That is what you need to do with your first Sweet Gem Berry! Can you imagine how much you will get done with an extra 34 points of energy?!

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And that is everything you need to know about the Stardew Valley Sweet Berry Gem. Do you have any additional questions? Please feel free to ask in the comments. If you need more content, check out our Stardew Valley Favorite Thing Guide.

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