Just Cause 4 Behind the Lines Walkthrough

Just Cause 4 Behind the Lines

Once you have completed the previous mission Operation Whiteout, you will immediately get the prompt for your next mission, Behind the Lines. The Just Cause 4 Behind the Lines mission is fairly straightforward, but it’s always good to have a little help. That’s where this Nerds and Scoundrels walkthrough comes in! Keep reading to get the scoop on how to complete Just Cause 4 Behind the Lines.

Where’d you learn to plan an ambush?

Just Cause 4 Behind the Lines Walkthrough

The mission opens with you arriving at the sight of a successful ambush pulled off by Sargento. As they load up their loot, your friend shows you a balloon device known as an Air Lifter that you can use with your grappling hook. You don’t have time to play with it, though, as Black Hand is on their way.

Just Cause 4 Behind the Lines

You won’t get far before you come across a blockade on a bridge. Clear the hostiles and equip the Air Lifter to your grappling hook. Use the Air Lifter balloons to lift the cars blocking your path out of the way so your truck can proceed.

Continue on your way and you will encounter a second roadblock. Clear it in the same manner, but be ready for a Black Hand helicopter attack. Along the way you will encounter hostile vehicles; the Air Lifter is powerful enough to lift them off the road, so you can skip a firefight and simply air lift them out of your way. Eventually, the balloons with pop and the vehicle will come crashing back down to earth.

Extraction Point

After you clear a third roadblock, it’s time you get to the extraction point. That’s easier than it sounds, as you will face a high volume of hostiles on FAVs and motorcycles. Shoot your way through, making liberal use of the Air Lifter to clear a path.

Just Cause 4 Behind the Lines

Once you arrive at the extraction point, you have exactly 2 minutes until your helicopter arrives. You will need to hold the field for the full 2 minutes to escape. Thankfully, Black Hand is a little slow to arrive so you can go almost 30 seconds without heavy opposition.

Most of the hostiles arrive by ground, but at the 1 minute mark you will be attacked by Black Hand helicopters. Keep fighting until the timer runs out and the mission will come to a close. At the extraction point, you can find a Barbaro Machine Gun in one of the weapons cases. It comes in extremely handy as it does a lot of damage and is easy to use against the Black Hand, who typically clumps together in easy-to-hit patterns.

Nerds and Scoundrels

And that is how you complete Just Cause 4 Behind the Lines. Was this Nerds and Scoundrels walkthrough helpful? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section either way. Also, don’t forget to check out the rest of our Just Cause 4 content here at Nerds and Scoundrels. Want to see the full walkthrough of the 1st part of Just Cause 4? Check that out below.

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