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vespin chloras critical role

If you are currently following along with Campaign 3 of Critical Role, you might be wondering about the name Vespin Chloras. Not to worry! While there is very little available information about this character that has been revealed in-game, we know quite a bit about Vespin thanks to the Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn and Exandria: An Intimate History. Fair warning, there are spoilers ahead!

What we Know About Vespin Chloras

Records of diabolical texts safeguarded within the libraries of
the Alabaster Lyceum suggest that Vespin, now long
dead, serves the Betrayer Gods to this day—now as a
devil at the left hand of the Lord of the Hells.

Although Campaign three of Critical Role is not the first mention of the infamous Vespin Chloras, for many people their first experience with this name came in the Breaking and Entering episode of campaign three. During this episode, Bell’s Hells came across the purported journal of Chloras on display in the Twilight Mirror Museum.

So what do we know about Vespin Chloras? He was an archmage renowned throughout
ancient Vasselheim for his wealth, skill, and cruelty, was inspired by this display. He sought the guidance and power of the banished gods, rending open the gates of their prisons and releasing the Betrayers into the mortal world.

Upon the release of the Betrayer Gods, Chloras quickly became their thrall. While his fate is unknown, rumors say he is now a devil serving as the left hand of the Lord of the Hells, Asmodeus.

Are these details cannon?

vespin chloras critical role
Vespin as depicted in Exandria: An Intimate History

Things have a tendency to shift over time when it comes to Exandria cannon, but it is safe to say these details are set in stone. The bulk of the information provided about Vespin Chloras comes directly from the Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn. This book was updated and reprinted in 2022. While there were some changes to the original, the fact that these details made the new book suggests this information isn’t going to change moving forward.

Of course, we don’t know yet if Vespin will play an important role in the campaign or if this is just a side note that has caught everyone’s attention. However, this would not be the first time that hints from the Tal’Dorei book turned into larger plot points. On the same page of the Tal’Dorei Reborn, the book lays out the history of a champion represented by three deities. This hint is now a major plot point in the Call of the Netherdeep adventure.

What Don’t we Know About Chloras?

We have some interesting tidbits about his backstory, but we know virtually nothing about his life from the point where he unleashed the betrayer gods. There is a good chance we’ll dive into some of those details during the course of Campaign 3. His current position serving by the side of the KIng of the Hells is also based entirely on rumors, so it remains to be seen if that is true.

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