The 10 Best Bolts You Can Get in Old School RuneScape

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The ammo you’ll typically need when using crossbows, bolts in old school RuneScape are very much like arrows. However, they hit much harder, and can even be enchanted. The best part about bolts is that there is so much variety, you’ll surely find a type that’s absolutely perfect for your needs.

In short, it doesn’t matter what you’re going to use it for, crossbows will probably be able to accommodate you as long as you get the right type of bolts in old school RuneScape. And thus, finding out which type of bolts is best for your needs is an important step to take.

In order to help you get started, this list will show you all the necessary information you need to be one of the best crossbowmen in the world of RuneScape.

#10 Emerald Bolts

Bolts in Old School RuneScape

Ranged Damage Bonus: 85

Price (Grand Exchange): 201

Emerald Bolts are merely mithril bolts with an enchanted emerald tip, but they’re still pretty amazing. If you hit someone with an emerald bolt, there is a 55% chance to apply “Magical Poison”, which is a debuff that deals an extra 5 poison damage.

If you’ve already completed the quest “Kandarin Diary”, the chances will reach 65% (additional 10%).


SPOILER: You obtain emerald bolts by enchanting Mithril Bolts but your magic level must be 27. You can also opt to just go to the Grand Exchange and buy them there.


#9 Normal Broad-tipped Bolts

Ranged Damage Bonus: 100

Price (Grand Exchange): N/A

You can only use this type of bolts once you’ve reached level 55 as a slayer. However, they’re definitely worth the effort considering how easy it is to get them as well as the damage they’re capable of inflicting.

While they’re usually used for training, these bolts are still one of the most useful there is in OSRS.


SPOILER: You can buy these bolts from a Slayer Master. You can also get them by buying the ability that allows you to Fletch them. Once your Fletching level reaches 55, you can craft these bolts.


#8 Adamant Bolts

Ranged Damage Bonus: 100

Price (Grand Exchange): 191

This is the first bow in the list that you can consider as “ordinary”. The reason why Adamant bolts are ranked higher compared to the Normal Broad-tipped bolts is simply that there is no requirement in slayer level. There is also the fact that you can use Adamant crossbows to fire these bolts, while you’d need at least a Rune crossbow to fire the Normal Broad-tipped bolts.


SPOILER You can get these bolts by either using Crafting, which requires level 73 Smithing, beating Iron Dragons or Skeletal Wyverns for the drop, or buying from the Grand Exchange.


#7 Amethyst Broad-tipped Bolts

Bolts in Old School RuneScape

Ranged Damage Bonus: 115

Price (Grand Exchange): N/A

Just like the previous broad-tipped bolt, the Amethyst Broad-tipped Bolts will also require a certain slayer level. Using this type of bolts will give you a decent boost in ranged damage, giving you high offensive power.

While its strength is undeniable, being able to stockpile them is not that easy. In fact, it’s considerably difficult to get a lot of this type of bolts, which is why it’s difficult to recommend this type for stockpiling.


SPOILER Can only be obtained through Crafting. Requires Level 76 of Fletching.


#6 Runite Bolts

Ranged Damage Bonus: 115

Price (Grand Exchange): 1014

If you’re a free-to-play (F2P) character, then this is probably the best bolts old school RuneScape to get when talking about the damage bonuses. Even if you’re not F2P, this type of bolts is still quite useful at the beginning of your adventures. However, they are quite expensive, so be mindful of when you have to use this type of bolts. It’s highly suggested you just use them in boss fights or perhaps PvP.


SPOILER Dropped by plenty of monsters, craft with level 88 Smithing, or purchase from the Grand Exchange.

#5 Ruby Bolts

Ranged Damage Bonus: 103

Price (Grand Exchange): 238

In terms of ranged damage bonus, Ruby bolts are just barely better compared to adamant bolts. This is because ruby bolts are just adamant bolts with enchanted ruby tips. However, Ruby bolts, being an enchanted type of bolts, comes with a unique effect. If a target is hit by a ruby bolt, there is a chance of triggering “Blood Forfeit”. This effect will use 10% HP in order to deal 20% of the current HP of your opponent, but only up to 100.

In PvP, the chances of this happening 11%, but in PvE it’s only 6%, making this weapon good for bosses, especially those with high HP. Not so much against other players.


SPOILER You can get these by enchanting Adamant Bolts as long as your magic level is 49.


#4 Diamond Bolts

Bolts in Old School RuneScape

Ranged Damage Bonus: 105

Price (Grand Exchange): 299

Just like Ruby Bolts, Diamond bolts are just Adamant bolts with a special tip. This time it’s enchanted diamond and gives an enchantment that grants additional armor piercing. Specifically, using these bolts will give you a chance to activate Armor Piercing, increasing your damage by 15% as well as ignoring the defense of your opponent. Unfortunately, it comes with the price of reduced accuracy.

The chances of this activating are 5% in PVP and 10% in PvE.


SPOILER You can get these by enchanting Adamant Bolts as long as your magic level is 57.


#3 Dragonstone Bolts

Ranged Damage Bonus: 117

Price (Grand Exchange): 1777

Just like the previous two, the Dragonstone Bolts are also Adamant bolts with a special tip. This one is probably the best of the three, due to its ability to imbue your damage with a dragon’s powers.

What this means is that your attacks will have the chance of activating the effect “Dragon’s Breath”. Quite obviously, this basically results in Dragonfire being hurled at your enemies, which increases your damage dealt quite significantly, however, the exact amount varies depending on the enemy’s defenses. If their defenses are low enough, expect this type of bolts to deal enormous amounts of damage.

SPOILER You can get these by farming Revenants (that can drop this type of bolts with a decent drop rate) or by enchanting Adamant Bolts as long as your magic level is 68.


#2 Dragon Bolts

Ranged Damage Bonus: 122

Price (Grand Exchange): 975

Dragon bolts come with the highest ranged damage bonus you’ll find in the whole game, making them one of the best ammunition you can get for your dear crossbow. What’s more surprising about this type of bolts in Old School RuneScape is its price. It’s actually relatively affordable, especially when you consider its insane power. Stockpiling this type of bolts until your inventories are full is a good idea, considering how strong they are in all sorts of situations.

SPOILER You can obtain this type through crafting with level 84 Fletching. Alternatively, you can choose to buy from the Grand Exchange.


#1 Onyx Bolts

Bolts in Old School RuneScape

Ranged Damage Bonus: 120

Price (Grand Exchange): 7918

A fair warning, Onyx Bolts are very expensive. A single bolt of this type is going to cost more than all of the other types of bolts in this list COMBINED. That incredible expensiveness is nothing more than proof of how strong this type of bolts can be.

The reason why this is considered to be such a powerful type is due to the enchantment “Life Leech”. This effect is capable of dealing an extra 20% bonus damage as well as give you a heal equivalent to 25% of what you just dealt.

This alone makes it clear that Onyx bolts are incredibly powerful. So powerful, in fact, that you’ll be forgiven for assuming that its chances are probably very rare. However, the truth is that it has an insane 10% chance to be triggered when in PvP, making it incredibly common.


SPOILER Obtained by enchanting Runite bolts as long as your magic level is 87. You can also farm them from Corporeal Beasts, which have a relatively good chance of dropping this type of bolts.



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