HOI4 Collaboration Government | What is It and how to get it?

HOI4 Collaboration Government

Heart of Iron 4 has a huge focus on internal politics, which is a wonderful change from your standard war games. Having to micromanage your government can be fantastic and brutal, all at the same time. However, you occasionally run into a part of the game where you must occupy enemy territory in order to take it over. In that case, you must start working towards the Collaboration Government state. This is a critical aspect of the warmonger playstyle; if you want to crush your enemies, making quick collaboration governments is critical. Learn what this state means in our HOI4 Collaboration Government guide.

HOI4 Collaboration Government Guide

Really quickly, before we begin, you cannot be Democratic. If you are, you are unable to use this option.

A Collaboration Government is a specific state achieved after a state occupies a population. As an occupied state, the original population will have some resistance against the occupying state. To reduce this, you must increase your compliance, or your collaboration.

To start making a collaboration government, open your covert operation menu and begin the “create a collaboration government” option. This operation automatically increases starting compliance by an amount equal to your Collaboration (so, 60% collaboration will give you 60% compliance). In addition, you’ll get better surrender progress for capitulation. That’s really useful, because you’ll soon be able to use that town yourself!

Once collaboration rises to 80% on average across the states, the nation can make a collaboration government. This is basically a government made of loyal citizens of the occupied nation and they’ll run things for you. You get the benefits of running the place, but you don’t get quite as much technology from them.

The collaboration government has the technology of the current overruling government. They also get the cores of their occupied state. This means that the country can no longer build resistance against their occupiers, so you won’t have to worry too much about keeping compliance high.

You can’t make collaboration governments out of some types of states, such as Croatia, because they are already puppet states.

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When doing a warmonger strategy, this is an essential covert operation if you want to do anything with your occupied state. It gives huge benefits, it’s by far the easiest way to raise compliance, and it’s honestly not a huge expenditure of resources. If you’re looking for both manpower and building capabilities, learn how to get really good at using this mechanic.

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